Advertisers of the past can attest to how complicated buying and selling ads was years ago. It entails insertion order, sit-down meetings, and contracts for an advertisement to be fully published. Such a lengthy process would even take days and even weeks for its fruition. Fortunately, the rise of supply-side platforms and demand-side platforms (dsp) paved the way for a quicker and more efficient process.

Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

A demand-side platform (DSP) is software that advertisers use to purchase video, search, and mobile ads coming from marketplace swarmed by publishers to list their advertising inventory. Using such a platform allows an advertiser to manage their ads using real-time bidding networks instead of just using one (e.g., Google Ads). When DSP is used with supply-side platforms, it enables programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a way of selling and purchasing ads with the use of the software. These ads are later on published based on complex algorithms. Most of the online advertisements that we encounter nowadays are programmed either by real-time bidding or direct deals.

Real-Time Bidding

As its name suggests, this is a type of bidding that happens in real-time. All you have to do is to specify your ad’s target audience, and the cost you are willing to spend. There is a bidding process among advertisers who are also targeting the same audience as yours and the winner pays slightly more than the 2nd place bidder.

Programmatic Direct

It is a traditional method of advertising but homes on the internet. This is usually chosen by those businesses which look for guaranteed ad placements found in premium locations.

How A DSP Works

Demand-side platforms are independent far from individual networks such as Google (Google Display Network manager) and Facebook/Instagram (Facebook Ads Manager). Instead, DSP stands alone as a third-party software for better purchasing, analyzing, and managing ads across numerous networks in just one platform.

Benefits Of Using DSP

There are numerous benefits that advertisers can get from using demand-side platforms. Some of these include:

High-Quality Inventory

If you are looking for a premium inventory, a DSP is the best platform to search for it. From there, you will be able to amass high-quality inventory that you will not get elsewhere.


We all know how vital customer support is regardless of what industry you are in. You would surely like to get the assistance that you deserve, especially when you encounter some problems along the way.


The more data that you have, the more that you can pinpoint targeting capabilities. The better the targeting you have in line, the more personalized your ads become. And when this happens, your ad will generate a higher turnout of conversion.


As an independent platform, DSP also partners with other 3rd-party providers that can offer advertisers with rich information at their disposal. More often than not, it can only be done by having multiple sources of data. Plus, these data can be imported using DMP (Data management platform) and CRM.


One will find how efficient DSP is, especially if they are running multiple campaigns in different networks. The ease of adjusting using only one dashboard will come in handy.

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