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What are responsive ad units?


Publishers and social sites in 2013 delivered mobile integrated formats and native ads at a staggering amount, Now EZmob presents a new responsive ad unit bound to get the publisher’s attention.

A Responsive Ad is an ad without a specific ad size. The size of the displayed creative is determined by the available space on the website. Responsive ads became most demanded with responsive layouts, which made it possible to use just a single layout for every device size. It made the work of web developers and publishers like me a lot easier. In fact, integrating one of EZmob’s ad units takes only a couple of seconds. Simply copy-paste the code to your website’s header and you’re done.

Just imagine the frustration when you have to scroll to get passed a 160 x 600 pixel Large Rectangle on a mobile device with a screen resolution of only 320 x 480 pixels. Or better, a 728 x 90 Leaderboard forcing a horizontal scroll bar on your responsive layout. Responsive ad units can solve these problems.


EZmob’s ad units are different since they provide publishers with a 2nd layer of monetization to any mobile-friendly or non-friendly site. EZmob’s ads simply appear to float on top of existing banner ads making them engaging yet not intrusive. 

With the better engagement of users comes better website monetization which means better payouts for our publishers. Join us as a publisher today if you’d like to start earning more.