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Advertiser Interface: A Self-Serve Advertising Experience

As always, we’re pleased to notify you of the latest changes to our platform. These changes we hope will impactful for our advertising clients and partners. We hope these new features will enable you with the tools you need to make EZmob your first choice when buying display and pop traffic.  New Advertiser Interface Our […]


How to start with Programmatic Advertising?

Define: Programmatic Advertising Programmatic advertising is when you automate the buying or selling of online inventory using machines, with this, suppliers and demand sources are able to deal without having to manually process forms and contracts and keep large sales teams. The different types of Programmatic Ads Deals can be structured and maintained in a […]

What are Crypto ads?

If you’ve visited a website and came across a banner featuring this text:” Thank you for supporting this website! This advertisement is using your spare computing power to mine crypto currency. With a downfall in advertising revenues, some online publishers are seeking non-traditional monetization methods to pay their hosting costs by using their online and […]


What are responsive ad units?

Publishers and social sites in 2013 delivered mobile integrated formats and native ads at a staggering amount, Now EZmob presents a new responsive ad unit bound to get the publisher’s attention. A Responsive Ad is an ad without a specific ad size. The size of the displayed creative is determined by the available space on […]

We’re Hiring – Senior PHP Developer

We’re looking for a highly skilled PHP Developer with extensive knowledge and professional experience in developing advanced PHP applications, designing, modeling, debugging and integrating software solutions in an enterprise environment.   Job Requirements Extensive knowledge in PHP 5 and OOP development (including experience working with common MVC frameworks and php extensions)  Experience with working with databases […]

Flappy Mistakes in Mobile Monetization

So we all loved (or simply were very frustrated) from the newest star in the mobile gaming space, Flappy Birds. Its success has been predicated on the fact that Flappy Bird is a very frustrating game – one in which players immediately uninstall it, or perversely use that frustration to try to power their high score into double […]

Going back to basic: Facebook killing 27 ad units

At a press session at its Menlo Park HQ, Facebook discussed the progress it’s making with advertisers and announced the elimination of a vast number of ad units. Facebook will start a process of deprecated ad units. According to Product Manager, Fidji Simo is to ease the process of advertising on Facebook. Facebook is currently […]