Crypto Ads – Mining Ads for Publishers

Earn More

While Crypto ads might not yet replace ads entirely, they do currently enable you to generate an additional income on top of traditional ads.

Easy Integration

Integrate in under a minute, simply copy paste the ad code to your homepage and that’s it, you’re just started earning.

Unintrusive mining

Our web miner only users remnant CPU and does not affect the user at all, you may choose to throttle above of our preferred condition but that is not recommended as it may turn away users from your website.

Choose your payout

Choose to be paid either in USD from day 1 or XMR for high-traffic publishers. XMR payments can be issued every 2 hours automatically.

What are mining ads?

Crypto ads basically mean utilizing the user’s remnant CPU to mine for cryptocurrencies using javascript on a webpage. Unlike the current talk of relevancy, demographics, vertical etc – to make more from mining ads a publisher needs only 2 things; a good supply of desktop traffic and a long user duration on site (20+ seconds). Crypto ads will not hard the user’s hardware in any way, we use only the remnant CPU needed to sustain the javascript miner and draw less CPU if the user engages more applications on his device and requires more CPU.

How much can I earn?

Earning through mining ads depends on 3 things,

  1. Duration of the user – as long as the user is on page the miner is working and contributing more hashes that count towards solving the block.
  2. Device – the stronger the device, the bigger the benefit. A mobile phone will achieve far less than what a gamer PC would in term of H/S or Hashes per Second.
  3. Coin Value – We convert the current value of Monero to USD in real-time, but may also provide payment in XMR to high traffic publishers.

Having a good mixture of the above would gain a publisher anything between $0.1-$0.15 cent CPM on average, again, this fluctuates daily and is the average for the past 30 days.

Which countries work best with mining ads?

Unlike traditional ads, mining ads can always provide you with immediate demand for your traffic with the added benefit of worldwide coverage. A javascript miner values all users according to their device and not location, with a wide CDN network to decrease latency and increase the effectiveness of our javascript miner we value tier 1, 2 and 3 the same.

Will this affect user experience on my site?

No, Based on how we set our miner to work we achieve no interruption to the user at all. Our mining technology uses only the remnant CPU available on any device if the user opens a new application the miner will immediately adapt and decrease the CPU utilized. You may also choose to display opt-in or opt-out notifications to the user at your will.

Which devices are best to mine on?

We can serve mining ads on any device and any browser. There will be a considerable difference between the output of a mobile device and a gamer PC but all devices can contribute toward generating hashes and increasing your bottom line.

How do I get paid?

Per default we convert and pay on a USD basis to our publishers. Publishers on a bigger scale may receive payment with XMR.

Will this work for my site?

Yes if your visitors stay on your website for longer than 2 seconds and if you have a lot of concurrent users, this may not work effectively for smaller publishers that have 10-20 visits a day, for them the payout will be close to nothing. But if you operate a streaming website, content-based website or any website that engages users long enough for the miner to work this is for you!

We see amazing results from publishers who take notion forward and engage users to stay on their site either by offering relevant content for users or incentivizing users to stay on site while they use their CPU to mine. You can offer certain incentives for the user to stay on site such as free content, improved content, removing certain ads for mining users and more.

  • Add the javascript code to your website

    Copy paste one line of code to your website’s HTML.

  • You’ve just started mining!

    You are now mining for cryptocurrency with your user’s CPU. Login to check out mining and earning reports.