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EZmob is a mobile advertising company. Buy mobile traffic, set up campaigns using self-serve interface and leverage the true power of real time bidding.


With over 4B impressions per day across different channels such as display, pop, video and native ads we get you direct access to high-performing inventory from over 80,000 publishers on Easy mob’s SSP, with added supply from other leading SSPs, including Mopub, Smaato, Mobfox and many more.


Easy mob’s self-serve mobile platform is built for performance marketers, trading desks and app developers. Our reporting and optimization tools enables you to quickly identify and scale only the traffic that drives ROI for your campaigns.


Use a variety of mobile ad units to get your campaigns delivering, choose between standard banner in all forms of mobile advertising — from a standard banners and rotating JS tags to mobile popups — supporting the vast array of devices in the marketplace.

Instant reach

Use our platform to buy, analyze and optimize mobile ad inventory from virtually every relevant mobile supply source. We enable you to spend your advertising dollars more efficiently, make faster decisions and waste less time.

Over 50 Premium Supply Sources


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  • Unlimited Reach

    Get traffic from over 160 countries. Access over 3B daily impressions.

  • Self-Serve Dashboard

    Manage your campaigns on your own or choose to have an account manager manage them for you.

  • Advance Targeting Features

    Target according to all you need for any campaign, we bring the best tech features for you to get exactly the users you want.

  • Premium Campaigns

    Direct premium advertisers and brands promoted on your site or app.

  • Publisher Dashboard

    Manage your placements on your own or choose to have an account manager manage them for you.

  • Competitive Fill and eCPM Rates

    100% Fill rate and competitive eCPMs for qualified traffic.

Mobile Desktop In-App Pop Display Native Push Notification Premium Direct Mobile Web XML RTB Traffic

Grow your mobile business with EZmob, as a direct advertiser we know you’re looking for an outstanding way to promote your products or services to mobile users across the globe. Easy Mob Mobile DSP, a self-serve programmatic advertising platform, provides the most convenient and transparent marketing solution, which allows you to launch your campaigns instantly.


Powering the campaigns of the world’s top brands takes teamwork. We provide premium mobile-first inventory at scale on our platform. See how our strategic partners can add value to your campaigns with leading targeting and measurement solutions and more.

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