EZREFER – EZmob Client Referral Program

We’re proud to announce a new acquisition channel for us and a new money-making activity for you! It’s simple, tell your friends and colleagues about EZmob across email, skype, facebook, Linkedin and any platform that’s relevant, once your referred clients (either publishers or advertisers) start generating revenue you are entitled to a share of it. Please see the conditions below. 

  • Promotion is currently available till March 1st, 2020. 
  • Clients must register a publisher account and verify their email.
  • Clients referring over 3 clients should apply for a referral status with our account managers. 
  • The client may direct traffic to either EZmob.com homepage (ezmob.com) or EZmob’s client interface (https://dashboard.ezmob.com)
  • The client must include UMT Source tracking parameters to his link, the Source should contain the referring party’s publisher username. 
  • EZmob may decline certain referrals or referring agents as it sees fit. 

For example, 

  1. Register an account with a username ‘myuser’
  2. Choose which landing page you’d like to promote, see a list below.
  3. Edit the link above and add the following parameters.