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EZmob Company details:

Easy mob holdings LTD

Reg. #: 515279776

Address: Shaul Ha’melech 39, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Welcome to EZmob!

EZmob is an online advertising network based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, founded in 2013 by a team of experienced marketing professionals. Our hands-on experience in various marketing technologies and platforms enables our clients with unlimited reach. Our mission is to make it easier for advertisers, media buyers, app developers, or brands of any caliber to easily set up campaigns, deal with optimization and scaling instead of recruiting traffic sources, and direct publishers to meet their specific needs.

Our core products are a

  • Self-Serve DSP
  • Publisher Monetization
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Brand Marketing & Performance Strategy

Self-Serve DSP

EZmob’s direct publisher network holds over 100K direct sites and apps in various verticals with a worldwide inventory.

Our self-serve DSP allows advertisers of any size to simply register an advertiser account, set up a campaign, fund it, and launch it in real-time. Clients are then able to view detailed reports and optimize accordingly to maximize their conversions and earnings. We connect buyers directly to the world’s top traffic sources for display and native ads, pop and popunder inventory, direct push notification subscriber user base, and other traffic channels.

Media buyers are able to promote their products with various ad formats. EZmob provides clients with access to over 2B daily ad requests for popunder inventory, over 1 billion daily display and native ad requests, and an audience of over 10M direct push subscribers and over 100M of syndicated push subscribers for scale.

Our demand team is available by email, helpdesk, and direct chat within our interface, ping them for advice with your campaigns and how to make the most of your budget.

Would you like to learn more? Read more at EZmob’s Knowledge-base, send us a service desk request, or ping a member of our team in the in-page chat.

Publisher Monetization

Our direct access to demand sources, as well as being able to deliver ad revenue dollars across programmatic, XML, and performance marketing allows our direct publisher monetization clients to achieve the best eCPM for their traffic. Publishers may choose to monetize their websites or apps with 4 main ad formats

  • Popunder via JS tag
  • Redirect links
  • Banner advertising

We provide publishers with a self-service interface where they may register an account, generate and get ad unit codes, check on daily stats, and optimize and follow up on monthly payments. In regards to payments, EZmob provides publishers with a Net60 payment plan with a threshold of $500 accumulated earning for payout. The payout can be done over PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, or Wire transfer upon receipt of an invoice.

Programmatic advertising network

Our programmatic media team is in-charge of providing our clients with premium, transparent, and vetted inventory that is relevant to their products. We utilize a wide variety of creatives and ad formats including Video, Display, Native, and Interstitial ad formats to guarantee you, as our client, have the best reach. Having direct access to programmatic inventory allows our clients to access sites that are proven relevant at a much lower cost-per-impression, better control of viewability, and being able to scale when it counts.

Interested in integrating via openRTB or XML? Apply today.

Performance Marketing

Our strong experience in performance marketing comes from overseeing thousands of affiliate offers and affiliates directly across many verticals, our core experience comes from the gaming and gambling vertical which is known to be mindful of details when it comes to promoting apps and websites. Our team focuses on working with app developers from concept to unicorn, from deciding on which icon is best to use to which events should be tracked through your favorite tracking platform (AppsFlyer, Kochava, Tune) and how to build KPIs that will allow scale and global distribution. We partner with over 50 local advertising agencies around the world to be able to promote apps in 5 continents and over 150 countries.

Brand Marketing Strategy

Being able to have real experience succeeding in doing all the work above allows us to consult our clients and make sure whether they buy with us or with other advertising networks works that they are getting their money’s worth. We provide for anyone looking to promote an idea and take from that to the concept and further until reaching the top charts of the app store in its niche. We provide transparent reporting, professional communication, and a clear marketing plan for all to follow.

Interested in receiving expert advice? Contact us today