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Built by media buyers, for media buyers. Buy adult display ads traffic with EZmob, a self-serve global demand-side platform with worldwide inventory and attractive rates from market-leading SSPs. Reach, acquire and engage high-value users at scale.

We focus on delivering quality content placements, premium websites, and worldwide coverage for your ads via an easy-to-use advertiser interface.

  • Access 100K+ publishers via EZmob DSP, optimize for performance and scale instantly.
  • Choose between banner images or JS or iFrame tags
  • Start with $0.20 CPM (1000 impressions)

EZmob’s adult advertising partners can access over 3B daily ad requests via a Self-Serve Advertiser dashboard for only a $50 test budget payable through several payment methods.

Scale your adult campaigns with push, native and adult banner advertising with EZmob.

Adult ad formats available for adult ads:

  • Popunder inventory: starting at $0.20 CPM worldwide.
  • Push notification ads: starting at $0.005 CPC worldwide.
  • Native Ads: starting at $1 CPM worldwide.
  • Banner ads: starting at $0.20 CPM worldwide.

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which are the best ad formats for adult websites?
Adult advertising is expansive and can be done through a variety of effective ad formats. The first that comes to mind are adult popunder ads that start out with a low bid and a high volume of users served by direct publishers and adult sites. After popunders, usually adult push notification inventory is a proven method that works with relevant adult affiliate offers and then banner ads that are also low priced but less effective than adult popunder ads.

What are adult ad networks?
Adult ads networks work with premium adult publishers to monetize their adult ads inventory by serving it at the highest bid for relevant adult advertisers, media buyers, and affiliate marketers. Adult ad networks usually offer both managed and self-serve platform advertising services for their clients.

What is an example of an adult ad network?
EZmob is a veteran adult ad network, founded in 2013, EZmob has been cooperating with premium adult and mainstream publishers ever since. EZmob both monetized and enabled powerful campaigns on its platforms since its early days. Join us as either an adult advertiser or publisher today via the registration links to the right.

What are the best affiliate offers for the adult advertising niche?
Dating obviously is a proven way to generate conversions from adult ads inventory, but also not so ‘obvious’ verticals can work well with the right adult traffic sources. Verticals such as gambling, finance and utilities are also great convertors when optimized well.