Effective user acquisition for media agencies, brands & affiliates

Self-serve advertising platform for performance advertisers who need a worldwide audience, 0% fraudulent traffic and excellent support


Why a self-serve ad exchange?

Access EZmob’s exclusive audiences and scale user acquisition with our trusted supply partners. Combine and test sources to boost conversion rates and drive even more results.

Match your industry's vertical to our supply

Generate more conversions with Self-Serve DSP


Mobile apps & websites

Promote your app or utility with an effective eCPI

Effective Formats


Choose between Pop, Push, Native or Display creatives for maximal performance

Fund with Ease

Lead Generation

Generate high-quality leads with EZmob's powerful platform and reach your target audience with precision and efficiency.



Generate sales for your online store with domain targeting

Effective Formats


Dive into your campaign data and scale what's converting best for you

Fund with Ease


Generate lists of traders on scheduled burst campaigns that fit your operation

Optimize your profit from CPA offers and enhance your ROI with our advanced performance tools and optimization features.

Integrate via XML, RTB, and API and manage cost-effective media buying campaigns

Access high-value audiences and boost your acquisition of genuine users

Scale your client's budgets and meet their KPIs with a reliable stream of quality views for your ads in a wide variety of brand-safe ad formats and publisher placements. 


Traffic volume

Gain access to over 1B daily ad impressions worldwide across various ad formats.

Audience quality

Filtered by in-house experience and 3rd party technology, our clients receive only the best for their budget


Detailed traffic reports allow you to focus on optimization and scaling your campaigns.

Ad performance

Test several creatives and allow the platform to deliver the best creative to the most relevant impression.


Set a limit per each publisher, subID or creative and generate rules that help you reach your KPIs.


We're there after you launch, via chat, email or phone. Our professionals are standing by.