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We deliver on the most engaging ad units combined with premium effective supply. Whether your mobile content campaigns work best with pops or whether your gaming campaigns work mostly with Display – EZ does it.


Interstitial ads enhance visibility with the full-screen display and are shown before a user is given the sought content, also, Interstitial ads may appear as a buffer while the user is being redirected. Compared with that a banner ad takes much less real-estate from a web page and will direct users upon click to the advertiser’s website or app. EZmob supports MMA and IAB standards for banner ads.


Native ads come in a multitude of ways, whether they’re sponsored articles and videos on a cooking site or sponsored search results for your favorite games, these are some of the examples this disruptive format has introduced in recent times. With a seamless appearance that adapts to a website’s look and feel, native just feels right.


Pop up ads are generating upon user scroll and click of a webpage, they are timed to appear when a user has finished reading an article, between pages, or after the user has closed his browser. Prone for maximum effect, pop ups are not the favorite on users, which is why they’ll work well for you. EZmob works with direct publishers and over 30 SSPs picking-and-choosing publishers and giving you the creme-de-la-creme of pop supply.

Push Notifications

The latest addition to our ad format arsenal, Push notifications – recently used exclusively by brands and app developers – are now available for advertisers. We currently generate Push Notification supply from over 60M Opt-in users worldwide. Push notifications are supported on Desktop and Android platforms. Push ads appear after a user has logged in and is actively browsing, thus making viewability at 100%, user must interact with the push ad either by closing it or clicking it to be redirected to the advertiser’s website.


Gain access to Easy mob’s direct publisher network and  scale up traffic through our direct partners and RTB exchanges.


Tap into our publisher network or connect with app discovery network, we will provide you a turnkey solution when it comes to dominating the app stores.


Detailed reporting and MACROS available for your optimization needs. Support available for all major tracking solutions.


Gain 100% viewability of your ads by real-human users from premium websites. Spend your ad budget only on traffic that can work for you.


Setup and launch any type campaign with a variety of creative ad units including banners, rotating JS tags and pops as well as custom in-house ad units.


Targeting and receive users according to all available device and location-based targeting events.

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EZmob is a full-service mobile advertising company with both leading edge technology and deep expertise in marketing strategy, media buys, and building apps from the ground up.

  • Self-Serve campaign management dashboard or managed accounts. 
  • Support of Display, Pop, Native and Video Ads.
  • Access to 7B daily impressions
  • Access direct publishers and over 50 SSP
  • Comprehensive targeting capabilities.
  • Detailed Reporting Interface.
  • Start now with just $100!

Our demand partners or advertisers get direct access to over 200,000 publishers including top-tier app developers and premium websites. Our proprietary campaign management and ad serving technology is second-to-none bringing value and ROI to our clients by enabling advertisers to pick and choose their best converting traffic sources, tweak their campaign targeting features and consult with an experienced campaign manager right when it’s needed.