Scale Your Performance Business

Top-notch traffic quality and worldwide volume, exceptional automation features, and support for various ad formats.


Why affiliates choose EZmob

daily ad requests

1 Billion

daily ad requests

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countries served

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5 Leading

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Fraud-free Traffic

We deliver top-quality traffic to your offers through our AI-powered fraud detection system and multi-tier evaluation of supply partners. 


Easy to start

We make it easy to test different offers with integrated 3rd party tracking; whether you’re just starting or a veteran media buyer

How much should I bid?

Media buying is done on either a CPM or CPC model, we provide our clients with the lowest possible minimum entry bid to onboard campaigns.

Which ad formats are supported?

In-Page Push and Traditional push notification ads, Native and Banner display ads are available for both advertisers and publishers.

How can I start?

Register an account, read our helpdesk and chat to a manager. You can test our inventory for only $50 in budget.

Which verticals work best?

If you're buying media for various types of offers, consult with your account manager for applying added targeting. We see great results with financial, sweepstakes, nutra, gambling, utilities, mobile content verticals among other verticals.
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Take your performance marketing to the next level. 

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking to expand your reach and drive more traffic to your offers, you should consider buying media on EZmob DSP. Our advanced targeting capabilities and a massive inventory of high-quality ad placements, EZmob DSP, allows you to reach your ideal audience at scale and achieve your performance goals and KPIs. 

Advanced targeting and a massive worldwide inventory of high-quality ad placements

AI optimization engine for automatic bid and targeting adjustments

Manual settings adjustment for fine-tuning campaigns

Ideal for increasing conversions and revenue for affiliate marketers