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Achieving the best Return on Investment (ROI) on e-commerce affiliate offers is no easy feat, even for seasoned marketers. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into a detailed case study that demonstrates how a mobile app user acquisition campaign achieved outstanding results within a short span of time.

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The online dating industry is booming, especially in the United States, where millions of people are seeking connections and relationships through various digital platforms. As a result, there’s an incredible opportunity for marketers to capitalize on this trend and significantly increase their return on investment (ROI) by implementing strategic and effective advertising campaigns. 

One such strategy is utilizing in-page push ads for dating offers in the US market. This article will explore how marketers can leverage these ads to achieve a 200% increase in ROI, while also offering tips on optimizing campaigns for maximum success.

1. Understanding the Landscape of the US Dating Market

The United States dating market is characterized by its immense size, high levels of competition, and a diverse audience. This makes it a prime target for marketers looking to optimize their advertising strategies and achieve impressive returns on their investments. Some key factors that contribute to the success of dating offers in the US include:

High demand for dating services: The number of people using online dating platforms in the US is expected to reach 53.3 million by 2024, with mobile dating application users predicted to hit 25.7 million by 2023.

Lucrative revenue potential: By 2027, total income from online dating in the US is projected to reach $1.5 billion, a $200 million increase from 2022.

Varied target audience: The US market is incredibly diverse, with users spanning various age groups, locations, and preferences. This provides high opportunity for marketers to target different segments and maximize their reach.

2. The Power of In-Page Push Ads in the Dating Vertical

In-page push ads are a highly effective advertising format for the dating vertical, particularly in the US market. These ads are seamlessly integrated into the user experience, appearing as pop-up banners on the device without requiring any subscriptions. This allows marketers to capture the attention of a wide range of users, including the highly sought-after iOS audience. Some advantages of in-page push ads for dating offers include:

High engagement rates: In-page push ads are more likely to be noticed and clicked on by users due to their unobtrusive nature and customizability.

Cost-effective: In-page push ads can be an affordable option for advertisers, offering competitive bids and high-quality traffic.

Scalability: With the ability to target multiple segments of the market, in-page push ads provide a scalable solution for marketers looking to expand their reach and increase their ROI.

3. Selecting the Right Offer and Target Audience

To maximize the effectiveness of in-page push ads in the dating vertical, it’s crucial to choose the right offer and target audience. Here are some tips for selecting the best options:

Focus on high-converting offers: Research and test various dating offers to identify those with the highest conversion rates and payouts.

Understand regional preferences: Consider the preferences and habits of users in different states and their language preferences to tailor your campaigns accordingly.

Target specific age groups: Analyze the conversion rates and average transaction values (ATV) of different age groups to optimize your targeting.

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in-page push ads
in-page push ads

4. The Importance of Quality Creatives

The success of in-page push ads for dating offers in the US market depends significantly on the quality of creatives used in the campaign. Here are some tips on creating high-performing ad creatives:
Use realistic images: Opt for photos featuring real people, as they tend to be more relatable and clickable.
Leverage geolocation: Highlight the user’s city or nearby locations in the ad title to increase relevance and engagement.
Ask questions: Incorporate questions in the ad title to spark curiosity and encourage users to click.
Utilize video player icons: Including a video player icon in the ad image can result in higher click-through rates (CTR).

5. Optimizing Your In-Page Push Ad Campaigns

To achieve the highest ROI possible, it’s essential to optimize and refine your in-page push ad campaigns continuously. This includes:
Splitting mobile and desktop campaigns: Separate your campaigns by device type to better track results and optimize bids.
Limiting ad displays: Restrict the number of ad displays per unique user to avoid irritating your audience.
Testing custom ad styles: Experiment with various custom ad styles, such as Social LiveChat 1, to increase engagement and CTR.
A/B testing: Test multiple creatives and offers to identify the best-performing combinations.
Utilizing automated rules: Implement automated rules or manually configure blacklists and whitelists to efficiently allocate your budget.

6. Choosing the Best Advertising Formats

In addition to in-page push ads, several other advertising formats can be effective for promoting dating offers in the US market. These include:
Popunder ads: These ads can generate large traffic volumes without being overly intrusive.
Push notifications: With well-crafted creatives and targeted messaging, push notifications can achieve high click rates.
Video ads: While they can be highly engaging, video ads may not always provide the best return on investment.
Banners and native ads: These formats can be useful for testing bundles but may not be the most effective for driving conversions.

7. Ensuring Compliance with Advertising Regulations

When promoting dating offers in the US market, adhering to advertising regulations and guidelines is crucial. This includes:
Using pre-landers: Employ pre-landers to confirm user age, warn about adult content, and gather user information.
Avoiding misleading claims: Ensure your ad creatives and messaging are accurate and not misleading to users.
Respecting user privacy: Comply with data privacy regulations and avoid using any sensitive or personal information in your campaigns.

8. Monitoring and Measuring Campaign Performance

To optimize your in-page push ad campaigns for dating offers in the US market, monitoring and measuring their performance regularly is essential. This includes:
Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs): Monitor metrics such as conversion rates, ROI, and ATV to gauge the success of your campaigns.
Analyzing audience behavior: Understand the preferences and habits of your target audience to tailor your campaigns for maximum impact.
Adjusting bids and targeting: Continuously optimize your bids and targeting strategies based on campaign performance.

9. Leveraging Expertise and Partnerships for Success

Collaborating with experienced partners, such as EZmob DSP, can greatly enhance the success of your in-page push ad campaigns in the US dating market. These partners can provide the following:
Expert guidance: Benefit from the expertise and insights of seasoned professionals in the digital marketing space.
Access to quality traffic: Tap into a vast pool of high-quality traffic to increase your reach and improve your campaign results.
Effective ad formats: Utilize proven ad formats, such as in-page push ads, to maximize engagement and conversions.


By leveraging in-page push ads for dating offers in the US market, marketers can achieve impressive ROIs and capitalize on the booming online dating industry. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can optimize your campaigns for maximum success and reap the rewards of this lucrative market.

Partnering with an experienced platform such as EZmob DSP can help you navigate this competitive landscape and achieve your desired results. So, take advantage of this opportunity and start harnessing the power of in-page push ads in the US dating market today!

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