If you were searching for how to buy pop traffic, you might find results about how to purchase pop traffic or popup traffic. Put popunder traffic that results in visitors coming to your site. Many popup networks offer ad placement services to third-party websites, most of which provide popunder traffic sources.

This post will discuss the difference between a popup ad and a popunder ad and how to buy pop traffic from major ad networks,

What are popups and popunders?

Popups are new browser boxes opening automatically on top of the content. It’s composed of a webpage opening a new window in front of your existing browsing window. The less annoying popunder has often replaced that ad unit.

Popunder is the same concept as a popup, except it shows behind the user’s existing browsing window (or often on a new tab).

These two ads are sometimes confused with floater or overlay ads that also pop up. However, the two terms only refer to advertisements that take up an entirely new browsing window.

What’s the difference?

Visualize yourself when you open many tabs in your browser, and when closing some of them, you find an additional window with an advertisement. How could you determine from which website that ad comes?

The popunder window isn’t less appealing than the popup. Nonetheless, if you feel disturbed by it, you may not connect your negative emotion to the site that loaded the ad.

How do popup and popunder traffic work?

Whenever you open the gates to pop ads, remember to work with secure ad exchanges or a good traffic source that can track their campaigns manually and automatically.

Ad networks

For example, EZMob has a dedicated team to manage the campaign’s content to prevent anything aggressive, malicious, or risky. You must collaborate with traffic sources, exchanges, or networks that are rigorous for auto-downloads, ransomware, malware, scams, and other dangerous content.

Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, you must understand the basics of pop marketing mechanisms, especially if you’ve already picked your partner; that’s why we guarantee the best quality traffic and support, allowing you to buy pop traffic effectively and efficiently.

Real-time bidding

It’s a fast auction that lets advertisers bid for an ad’s impression. It begins as soon as a visitor tries to load a site, and the process ends in just seventy milliseconds—substantially faster than a blink of an eye.


For publishers, describing the website’s contents through keywords is crucial. You need to take note of testing various traffic sources and optimize the campaign by stopping the traffic sources which do not convert well.


Knowing your audience is the answer to efficient ad targeting, future campaign cost efficiency, and relevancy. Determining geography, OS browser, connection type, and device type make the campaign more targeted. That may result in more conversions and stops advertising spending.


Ad exchanges may depend on various models for the popup and buy pop traffic ads. Ensure you understand how each differs and consider that when offering your bid rate.

If done correctly, popup advertising is proven to be an efficient way to grow your business. If you like to get started with popup or popunder traffic, EZMob can help! Sign up with us today!

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