Our next review is about a well known affiliate program, Golden Goose, a favorite with performance marketing and media buyers. We’ll try to go over the verticals, payouts, technology and what makes Golden Goose a market leader.

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What's Golden Goose?

Golden Goose is an international CPA-platform aimed at monetizing traffic from VAS market players worldwide.

Mobile has been the focus of Golden Goose for over 16 years which allowed it to gain extensive experience both as a promoter and as a developer of several mobile VAS services, mainly in CIS countries. 

Starting in 2016, Golden Goose has expanded to become authorized agent for several mobile telecom operators in over 40 countries around the world.

Which regions or countries work best for Golden Goose affiliate program?

Golden Goose initial focus has launched from Russia and very quickly into other CIS countries, but it quickly scaled outside of Russia into South Africa and is now growing across the African continent which has enormous potential with over 1 billion people and no wired internet in some regions. 

In addition to the African region, the VAS market is actively growing in LATAM. Almost every month, new advertisers from this region appear in our network.

Asia-Pacific, however, has slowed. 5G will be implemented faster there than in other regions, then users with fast Internet will have more opportunities, and therefore there will be more needs for telematics services in general and mVAS services in particular.

Over the past 10 years, Africa has taken the second position in the world after Asia in terms of economic growth, which averaged 4.9%. So the potential for the development of telematics services in this region is huge.

The VAS market is also exploding in LATAM, each month more LATAM-based advertisers join the Golden Goose affiliate program.

The products that make Golden Goose.

When focusing on direct carrier billing or DCB, the geographic environment sets the conversion rate. 

OTT services, such as Netflix and other streaming platforms grew tremendously in recent years and are expanding into regions that are not friendly to credit card billing, therefore it is expected that they utilize DCB technologies to be able to gain market share in the desired regions. 

In addition, gaming, already huge, is one of the key players of the DCB technologies. This is simply explained by the fact that our mobile devices have become the #1 device for playing games.

And since your mobile phone is almost always connected to a SIM card it means carrier billing is already enabled and ready to process. 

This combination makes mobile gaming and carrier billing the perfect match when looking for performance marketing solutions.

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Golden Goose: mVAS as a vertical for affiliates

mVAS offers allow affiliates to eat the cake and have it too! It has everything an affiliate is looking for, 

    1. maximum profit
    2. high conversion rates
    3. fast user flow
    4. no declined conversions
    5. huge audience

mVAS offers also tie in perfectly with what affiliates and media buyers already engage with; there’s no real difference between running an app install campaign to a subscription offer, so any ongoing traffic source media buyers have live and budgeted can be included in mVAS delivery. 

It’s also very easy to start running mVAS offers, and no prior knowledge is needed; all it takes is understanding the KPIs provided by the advertiser, setting up your campaign correctly, and then scaling that campaign effectively. 

The best ad formats for Golden Goose's affiliate offers

The best performing ad format for mVAS offers is the popunder ad, then in-page push notification ads. 

Popunder ads tend to be adequately priced with enough volume to allow advertisers to scale wherever they generate conversions and sales quickly. 

For programmatic media buyers, native and banner ad positions convert for mobile subscription offers. 

When working with any format, it’s critical to pay attention to the conversion level at the subID level.

With Push notification ads, the CTR plays a vital role since a budget will be wasted if there are many clicks and no conversions. 

Setting a high enough bid for push campaigns will enable media buyers to receive traffic from higher-priced traffic sources that usually perform better for performance offers.

Another ad format that performs well is iOS calendar push notification ads, which enables advertisers to communicate with users via events placed on users’ calendars.


Golden Goose: Affiliate program restrictions

Golden goose is not different from other mainstream affiliate networks in what they deem is kosher traffic, which means no click-baiting, no adult websites, and no cookie stuffing. 

For legitimate media buyers and affiliates that are working with clean landing pages and funnels, that seems clear enough.

What does the future hold for mVAS affiliate networks such as Golden Goose?

As a whole, publishers must ensure that mVAS services generate tons of profit for mobile carriers. So there’s a strong interest to keep mVAS alive and growing for the networks to properly monetize their users.

As with any other industry, regulation may disturb certain regions, but that doesn’t mean the industry as a whole would be affected.

What type of conversion flows are enabled with Golden Goose?

Conversion flows are methods to convert a user or a subscriber, in this case of different mobile entertainment services, whether the user is subscribing to a streaming service or purchasing an item from a game he or she likes.

There are several types of flows:

    1. 1 click flow
    2. 2 click flow
    3. Prefilled PIN submit
    4. (Header Enrichment PIN submit)
    5. PIN submit (Wi-Fi)
    6. MT/MO (Click2SMS, Premium SMS)

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Bottom line

Golden goose is not only a leading affiliate program but also a talented technological company that is a master of DCB technologies. 

Their support is awesome and the variety of offers is tremendous, we strongly encourage you to register an affiliate account and run their offers. 

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