Native Ads vs. Pop Ads

Varying marketing strategies are applied to make successful and effective advertisements for a certain product or service. Two of the most used and applied marketing strategies since before and up to now are the native and pop ads. Have you heard anything about these two? Are you aware of its differences? Can you cite its distinctions?

Defining Native and Pop Ads

Native Ads are used for online advertising of a certain product or material. Native ads are paid advertisements that correspond to the function, feel, and look of the format of media where they appear. Also, native ads are not ads in appearance.

On the other hand, Pop Ads are forms of an online paid advertisement that aims to promote a particular product or service, just like the native ads. However, pop ads appear in a small window of the visual interface being viewed by potential customers.

Native and Pop Ads: What’s the Difference

Native Ads

Highly Profitable Type of Ad

Native ads are considered highly profitable both to the publisher and advertisers. It provides a higher rate of engagement and an increase in the customer’s interest in an advertised product or service. In addition, native ads appear on a website like they own and run it. Native ads can obscure any online content viewed by customers.

Pop Ads

Interstitial Form of Display

Pop ads can cover the entire website or online content being viewed by the customer. Interstitial reacts to any movement of the mouse-like, for example, when the mouse is being dragged to the exit button, pop-ads will now enter the visual interface and interrupt the exit of the customer. In this way, potential customers’ attention is caught.

Lead Generation with Interstitials

Lots of companies and businesses have achieved a total of 20% increase in their marketing sales.

If you thought that interstitials had reduced the effectiveness of the traditional pop-up, well it doesn’t. Forms of pop-ups can be seen even on high-traffic websites such as Ubers, Porsches, and Facebook.

Mobile Traffic as Pop Ads’ Key Market

As you are surfing the net or simply playing an online game, traditional and modern pop ads will be seen on the screen. These kinds of pop ads are mostly displayed on mobile websites and internet access. These pop-ups are also prevalent and powerful that encourage potential customers to purchase their advertised product, app, or service.

Pop ads can be anything – it can be a photo, video, sound clip, blog, and more. It is versatile and empowers the effectiveness of an advertisement to the people.

Bottom line

Above all, both native and pop ads are highly recommended for any advertisement and content. Both have the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising and promoting any particular content. Also, both have exceptional distinctions that make them unique from one another.

Creativity and resourcefulness are needed to create a better result and impact, not just on the customers but also on the whole of society. Just try and never hesitate to experiment for better and excellent results that might lead to a breakthrough.


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