What makes a Trackier an effective campaign tracking solution?

By offering you efficient AdTech solutions backed by artificial intelligence, Trackier promises to streamline your data so you may better concentrate on accelerating your business.

One of the best SaaS marketing solutions is offered to you with Trackier, enabling you to begin substituting manual duties with automation. Your marketing efforts will be improved by using this end-to-end technology across the board.

In a hurry? here are Trackier’s top advantage

    1. The most intuitive tracking platform, very easy to use.
    2. Fair pricing plan that appeals to all levels
    3.  Packed with additional tools like automation, install tracking and much more to enable any marketer.

Why should you use Trackier as your campaign tracking solution?

Trackier is one of the best campaign tracking and automation solutions on the market; it also has deep customization that can track the performance of your campaigns and conversions and anything in between. 

Ad agencies find Trackier as an ideal solution since it provides them with the abilities they need no matter what the client’s demands are. By using Trackier, clients are able to quickly scale their campaigns but also be able to easily spot less performing positions across their campaigns. 

Included with Trackier’s solution are optimization tools that allow for deep-linking and integration with a wide variety of ad networks (EZmob included), which are built upon a robust reporting backend and interface that really allows you to drill into any question you might have. 

More details about all of Trackier’s features are below, keep reading!

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What are the most used features in Trackier?

Often when registering with campaign tracking platforms, you get a long list of features you might not ever use. Some technologies break down their pricing according to the features used, and some provide you with a package deal. The great advantage for Trackier is that everything comes included in the package, and those packages are very reasonably priced when considering the value Trackier provides its clients. 

User attribution and more

If you’re asking, how can advertisers attribute a particular sale to an affiliate partner or see real-time campaign data when they may be working with hundreds of partners? Then keep reading. 

Trackier simplifies affiliate marketing. Instead of using spreadsheets to manage publishers, conversions, and affiliate payments, advertisers simply create an account on Trackier that creates a pixel code for real-time tracking.

Today’s buyer’s journey entails interactions across numerous channels and contact points. It’s uncommon for a sale to be converted due to a single encounter.

Each of these touchpoints helps your customers convert. Along the buyer’s journey, the marketers may use a multitude of attribution techniques across multiple marketing touch points and media. Thus, Multi-Touch Attribution ultimately goes a step further.

Multi-touch attribution is a technique for assessing the marketing effectiveness that considers each touchpoint throughout the customer journey and gives each participant a little share of the overall credit. Multi-Touch attribution enables marketers to assess the relative importance of each channel to a given sale.

First- and last-touch attribution, which only rewards the first or last marketing touch points before the consumer converts through a purchase, download, or other defined parameters, are examples of traditional, rules-based attribution methods. Multi-touch attribution is a more sophisticated substitute.

Fraud Protection

Trakcier comes built with a click fraud solution that allows you to eliminate click fraud and only pay for actual conversions and leads. Which means you can acquire real-time information about dubious traffic sources, exclude fraud farms get analytics explaining suspicious partner activity.


Affiliate management

Brand your own network to its full potential and increase traffic and revenue through multi-level customization. Even though the product is not made by you, white label branding aids in developing a strong brand identity. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on and create a successful marketing strategy.

Operating a network with your own affiliate base? Trackier allows you to be up and running within a couple of hours with your own branded affiliate program where you can register affiliates and upload direct advertiser campaigns. 

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics calculates the probability of future events based on past observations using data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques. In addition to comprehending what has happened, the goal is to offer the most accurate forecast of what will happen in the future.

Predictive analytics boosts your ability to detect fraud, optimize your ad campaigns, improve your performance overall and reduce the risk you take with the networks you work with.

Robust reporting interface

Trackier allows its clients to understand in real time how their campaigns are being delivered. Real-time reporting in today’s world is mainly taken for granted, as should be, and Trackier delivers.

Users can break down their performance markers according to each placement, operating system, device, carrier, and much more through drill-down analytics, as well as analyze conversion timing, variance reports, and click-level logs. 


Automated Affiliate Payouts

Your affiliates will value the ability to provide real-time or listed, automated cash distributions to your cells—no more handwritten checks, long lines, or logging into several accounts or systems.

Tiered Prices

Receive payments based on the volume of transactions, the profit thresholds, or certain purchases, If your results can establish several reward models based on chapter type, transactions produced, or specific heights, then this is doable with Trackier.

Custom filters

Create segments on the go for your campaigns, users, and placements you operate and enter them into a custom automated flow you’ve built. Use those filters within your reports and campaigns segmentations on the go. 


Easy Integrations to Your Work Flow

One of the flag features for Trackier is having hundreds of available integrations to ad networks and traffic sources you already work with. Integrations include traffic sources that provides installs, email marketing, and web traffic. You may use Google Tag Manager to integrate ad networks via Trackier. 

Learn how you can integrate networks with this step-by-step guide


Let’s say you produce TVs and that your publisher promotes your products on their website. Let’s also say you publish a weekly communication, such as a newsletter, with product reviews for the items you sell or provide to your business. 

If, for example, you want to pay your publishers $10 per transaction and 20% of the entire sale amount to incentivize them. In this example, you can monitor each event independently, even though it’s a single offer. This allows you to understand what ultimately generates conversions by looking through the isolated revenue generated conversions


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Bottom line

Choosing the best tracking platform starts with selecting the list of features you can’t do without; once you understand what makes your business tick, all that’s left is understanding which platforms operate within your budget. Trackier gives you a low entry point for new marketeers and a robust technological solution for experience marketing companies. 

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