Utilize Web Push Notifications on Self-Serve Platform

The launching of SSP CPC campaigns is now possible using web push notifications with unique features such as target on user lifetime and testing creatives within a campaign!

Our decision to include this ad format in our self-service platform is due to the more popular of web push notification ads among our advertisers.

EZmob Self-Service Platform (SSP) is a readily available and convenient tool for push notification advertisers with adequate confidence in launching and managing their advertising campaigns.

The merits of SSP are as follows.
  • Faster approval times with a dedicated support team
  • You have absolute control over the way it performs and campaign settings. This is important for the individuals who have identified their audience, products, and what they want to achieve with their campaigns
  • premium traffic from more than 190 GEOs
  • User-friendly interface, allowing you to hit the ground running

Rotation of creatives in one campaign

This allows the testing of your creatives easily and faster. You enjoy time savings by launching a campaign with a variety of creatives within, thereby allowing you to see the creatives giving better output quickly.

Likewise, there is a tendency for users to maintain high interest in seeing a variety of creatives in a campaign, thereby making you engage your audience for a long duration.

Target on user lifetime
Targeting your campaign towards those with a fresh subscription to web push notifications (provides you with high CTR but low traffic volume) or the individuals who are existing subscribers is possible.

Establish deep targets by focusing on carriers
There is the accessibility to a wide range of targeting options in our SSP, together with being able to target the carrier. That is, looking out for the most popular offers for particular internet or mobile service providers when a choice is made for GEO.

Note that you are to change the kind of connection to “All traffic” or “3G” in General settings. The choice of “Wifi” will bring about the absence of carrier targeting.

Variety of push notification ads formats

Push comes in many forms, such as traditional android push notification ads, calendar push ads, in-page push ads, etc. This allows you to plug into relevant publishers in more ways than one!

The things that make web push notifications lucrative

In-feed native: All ads in the user’s feed appear native, and the messages come from the browser.

Google compliant: web push notifications are in ad format, yet not intrusive. The entire process for the user to subscribe is characterized by transparency and user-friendliness.

Instant and direct: following the setting of your campaign, numerous messages are pushed directly to the user’s device; therefore, there is no need for you to hold on to the audience you target to get to the publisher’s website.

Of all the verticals, the best ones for web push advertising campaigns include Nutra, software, sports betting, and gambling offers.

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