LosPollos CPA Network Review: 3 Billion Conversions with the Best Smartlinks 

LosPollos is a reputable international CPA network with a suite of Smartlinks tailored for the most profitable verticals. The affiliate program has won the trust of over 200,000 webmasters. LosPollos enables the monetization of mixed traffic through more than 10,000 exclusive offers from any GEO. The platform boasts over 3 billion conversions monthly and provides all participants with the best conditions in the traffic market.

LosPollos review

Benefits of Monetization with LosPollos

The CPA network has introduced its own groundbreaking algorithm for automatic traffic monetization, Robopollo. This innovation allows affiliates to direct traffic from various sources to a single affiliate link, which integrates hundreds of offers. By utilizing LosPollos’ Smartlinks, affiliates have access to a redefined and effective approach to monetization, unlocking new opportunities.

LosPollos review

LosPollos affiliate network is:

LosPollos review
  • over 10,000 offers from direct advertisers, covering a wide range of GEOs and the most popular verticals: Dating, Mainstream, Crypto, iGaming, Casual Dating, Cams, Adult Games, and Gay dating.
  • automatic monetization of mixed traffic, thanks to the built-in traffic distribution system in Smartlink;
  • high average eCPM;
  • the highest traffic conversion rates are achieved by an in-depth analysis of traffic parameters to select the most relevant offer;
  • the ability to link your own domains;
  • weekly fund withdrawals without a holding period;
  • payment options include PerfectMoney, Capitalist, Paxum, Bitcoin (with a 4% commission), or bank transfer (for over $1000);
  • multilingual, functional, and user-friendly platform with an intuitive interface;
  • tracking results using postback and subaccounts;
  • integration with popular trackers;
  • fund withdrawals through Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Capitalist, Paxum;
  • real-time statistics;
  • a blog with useful information and training materials, case studies, and expert recommendations in affiliate marketing;
  • high-quality and round-the-clock assistance from a personal account manager.

The main advantage of the affiliate network is transparent and favorable conditions for all participants. Working with LosPollos is both convenient and secure.


LosPollos review

How to Start Earning with the LosPollos CPA Network?

The platform offers various earning avenues for traffic owners and affiliate marketers. Following a straightforward registration process, you can:

  1. Connect a Smartlink for your traffic type and send all your traffic to one link without worrying about settings or tests. The system will instantly analyze each click, and based on the user’s parameters, the most suitable offer is presented. Your account manager will assist in selecting and connecting a Smartlink tailored to your traffic type.
  2. Monetize Residual Traffic. Redirect your trafficback to a Smartlink to further monetize users who didn’t convert with the primary offer, allowing for the re-conversion of leads. You can also monetize traffic from GEOs that your affiliate program may not have accepted initially.

How to Use the Platform?

The network invites new partners to begin their journey by filling out a straightforward registration form:

LosPollos review

After a brief discussion with the account manager, the affiliate will be matched and connected to a Smartlink tailored to their traffic type and sources. All left to do then is place the affiliate link and monitor performance indicators. For this purpose, the platform offers a user-friendly and informative dashboard. Here, affiliates can track the number of clicks, conversions, and earnings by vertical and country in real-time:

LosPollos review

The “Reports” tab offers even more detailed insights, including information segmented by days and periods, GEO, tracker, and specific Smartlinks.

LosPollos review

You can park a domain in LosPollos using the API to get access to the up-to-date domain names. You can also easily connect postback to exchange data with the tracker. For those who want to receive more information about the campaign, it is useful to know how to set up postback and how this function works.

LosPollos support is available 24/7. You can contact your manager directly or use the provided contact form.

LosPollos review

What Kind of Traffic is Accepted?

The network accepts traffic from over 200 countries. LosPollos’ Smartlinks cater to various sources, including social networks, doorways, push notifications, forums, and opt-in email newsletters. The affiliate program maintains a strict policy against motivated, spam, and bot traffic. On the blog, you can find valuable tips for working with different channels – such as strategies to increase traffic volumes from social networks and personal websites and guidance on navigating TikTok moderation and account farming.

How Much Do LosPollos Partners Earn?

The earning potential within LosPollos is unlimited and hinges on the quality and volume of the traffic provided. The value of a lead is determined by various factors, including the user’s location, device type, browser, and uniqueness. There are many offers available for one region. In addition, rates may change. Once a beginner affiliate achieves the minimum withdrawal threshold of $100, they can scale up their successful connections, opening doors to higher income levels.

In the Personal Account section, users can access up-to-date eCPM rates for traffic with certain characteristics:

LosPollos review

How to Withdraw Income?

Payments are processed every Tuesday between 16:00 and 24:00 (UTC+3) once the minimum threshold is reached. These payments can be made to Perfect Money, Capitalist, Paxum, Bitcoin (with a 4% commission), or via bank transfer (for amounts starting from $1000). You’ll need to link your payment information to initiate your first withdrawal. This can be done by contacting your account manager. Once your details are saved, this procedure won’t be necessary for future payments.

LosPollos stands out among CPA networks for its low entry threshold, transparent and favorable conditions, wide selection of Smartlinks across various verticals, and regular payment schedules. If you’re looking for a reliable platform to monetize any volume of mixed traffic, LosPollos is worth giving a try.

EZmob and LosPollos: A Case Study in CPA Marketing

The integration of EZmob’s traffic with LosPollos offers presents a compelling case study in CPA marketing. This combination allows marketers to test and optimize campaigns effectively, leveraging EZmob’s targeting capabilities and varied ad formats to maximize the potential of LosPollos’ diverse offers. 

The YouTube video explores the strategy to do so in detail, providing valuable insights into how marketers can harness these tools to enhance their CPA marketing strategies.

Don’t miss this step-by-step video tutorial on how to convert LosPollos offers with EZmob, Check out the Video!


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