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in-page push notification ads
in-page push notification ads

What are in-page push ads?

In-Page Push or Floating Push is a new and effective ad format that is served on mobile and desktop publisher sites. Similar to traditional push ads,  in-page push ads are non-intrusive with high ad visibility as a push ad but with the freedom to work on all browsers and platforms including iOS.

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Which ad formats are supported?

In-Page Push and Traditional push notification ads, Native and Banner display ads are available for both advertisers and publishers.

How can I start?

Register an account, read our helpdesk and chat to a manager. You can test our inventory for only $50 in budget.

Which verticals work best?

If you're buying media for various types of offers, consult with your account manager for applying added targeting. We see great results with financial, sweepstakes, nutra, gambling, utilities, mobile content verticals among other verticals.