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Add an additional and more effective monetization layer on top of existing banner ads and earn more on your existing inventory.

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Integrate in under a minute, simply copy paste the ad code to your homepage and that’s it, you’re just started earning.

Relevant ads

Choose your vertical and receive top-line demand partners worldwide. Our technology will match and retarget users across our network and partner SSPs to provide you with the best value ads for your users.

ezmob bookmark monetize ads

We’ve got you covered.

Integrate EZmob ads and connect instantly to our direct advertisers as well as over 50 leading DSPs. Each impression, according to its targeting, will be matched with the highest performing creative available through our platform allowing you to effectively increase your eCPM and overall ad revenue.

Mobile banners receive between 0.5% to 1% CTR on the standard source of traffic, and it’s been known that around 50% of banner clicks on mobile are accidental. We developed mobile ads for publishers, as well as ad units that better engage your mobile users and show results for you. Either of our ad units can be used as a stand-alone mobile ad unit or as an additional monetization layer or source of revenue that will increase your bottom line. Publishers can choose between banner ads for publishers or native ads, popunder tags, and redirects to fully monetize their website.

Monetize your website with Crypto Ads

no mobile site? no problem!

Our ad unit do not require your website to be mobile friendly or for you to dedicate valuable space for our ads to be integrated to, instead of displaying more engaging content. Our mobile ads for publishers allow you to integrate ad units as an additional monetization layer on top of your existing banner ads or as a stand-alone mobile ad revenue generator.

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