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Advertiser Interface: A Self-Serve Advertising Experience

As always, we’re pleased to notify you of the latest changes to our platform. These changes we hope will impactful for our advertising clients and partners. We hope these new features will enable you with the tools you need to make EZmob your first choice when buying display and pop traffic. 

New Advertiser Interface

Our newly launched advertiser interface comes loaded with new features, once registered you will be able to access the also new campaign setup and reporting interface which is where you do most of the optimization and changes to your campaigns. In addition, you are now able to view your campaign’s activity on your mobile phone and tablet devices. 

Read more about the new features here. 

Floating Web Push

Today we’re also launching a new ad format, called Floating Push Ads. Floating push ads are similar to push notifications or native ads. They integrate into the users’ experience while they browse a website. Floating push ads are easy to implement for publishers and is a very effective CPC-based method to generate traffic for media buyers. 


We will be launching our rule-based automation component over the next couple of weeks. If you’re interested in already using it, please let our account managers know. 

Easier to get started

We’ve decreased our campaign budget and daily caps to a minimum to make sure you run your campaigns at your own pace. Campaigns may be configured for as low as $50 total budget with a $20 daily cap. 

Targeting Update

We’ve enabled a few more targeting features including browser and OS versions, language and city/state targeting. In addition to that, we’ve also added new whitelisting and blacklisting features for publishers, zones, and placements. 

Delivery features 

You can now set your campaign to run at certain dates and hours to maximize on lower bids when other campaigns have met their daily cap. 

Better tracking and delivery

We have added many more tracking parameters to pass to your reports as well as extended the number of creatives you can upload per single campaign to allow you more options when optimizing. 

Better support 

Ping us online, open a service ticket, or start a chat with our account managers. we’re ready to help you get live with your campaigns. 

Feel free to check it out by logging in to your existing account, or registering a new account with EZmob. 

EZmob Team