What's Capitalist.net?

Capitalist.net is a payment system or aggregator that enables transferring funds between account holders for 0% fees but also facilitates a wide variety of different payment methods with frictionless operation. An account holder can make payments to e-wallets, bank accounts, and credit cards easily. Capitalist saves you multiple account registration and verification process by aggregating them within a single account that gives you an overview.

Capitalist.net provides 0% transfers between account holders which is great for reconciling payments between friends, partners, and customers. It’s specifically helpful for ad networks to be able to provide their clients with low transaction fees which are becoming more popular within the performance marketing ad network companies.

Another great feature is the Multi-currency wallet which allows media buyers to work with several fiducial accounts simultaneously and work within the currency that works for you which, again is very relevant for niche ad networks that are based in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Southern America. Read more about the main features of Capitalist.net below.

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Why media buyers should transact with Capitalist.net

Capitalist.net is a hassle-free payment method that allows both ad networks and media buyers to fund their advertiser accounts quickly with low transaction fees. Other than that the wide support for 3rd party payment methods are expansive and save precious time which could be better spent on popunder campaign optimization efforts than calculating different fees and exchange rates. We listed some of the main features details below. 

Aggregated 3rd party payment methods

Instead of going through a tedious process of registration and verification with many different payment methods, Capitalist is already deeply integrated with a variety of popular payment methods such as 


Virtual Cards

Account holders can order virtual cards that can take away spending on traffic sources that mainly work with credit card processing like Google ads or Facebook and redirect payment to these traffic sources via virtual cards that are funded by your Capitalist account allowing you more liquidity with running online campaigns. 


Capitalist Marketplace

Capitalist provides a list of trusted partners that are integrated with Capitalist.net via their advertiser interface to enable frictionless payment in order to fund your advertiser account. Many vendors, such as EZmob, provide Capitalist users with an added bonus on their deposit. Discover new ad networks and services through Capitalist and get more clicks for the same deposit.

Capitalist.net Transfer Fees

As seen below, fees are as per the industry standard with some lower alternatives with a bigger incentive to withdraw funds with wire transfer solutions, withdrawls for Indian-based companies is higher than other regions. 

Excellent support

Capitalist’s support team operates 24/7 and provides support via support tickets, telegram and phone.

Mass payment service

For businesses an important service is mass payments, this allows you to pay multiple partners like affiliates, contractors or suppliers with just one click. 

The bottom line

theoptimizer.io is an impressive platform that has been working with advertisers and media buyers on one side and tech ad serving companies on the other side creating a complete marketing suite that is amazingly beneficial for generating more ROI on your popunder campaigns. 

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