Advertising with Push Ads is getting all the latest attention and hype in the digital advertising niche, we’d like to take a few minutes to show you what it’s all about so you can decide for yourself whether this method fits your current marketing plans and products.

There are a lot of similarities between advertising with Push Ads and pop ads or native ads in the way the user engages with the ads or how the ad copy is written.

Today we will review all the latest ‘additions’ to the traditional marketing practice we all know and use daily and why you should consider push notifications in your next marketing plan.


Each push ads notification ad, whether it renders on mobile or desktop, is made of 4 items: Title, Description text, Icon image, and a link. It’s essential to ensure that each component is optimized for the best performance when advertising with Push Ads.

Push Ads Title

A push title is usually limited to 30 characters (although some platforms allow less or more), may include emojis, and should succinctly describe your product or service, as per usual, our content guidelines indicate what can or can’t be mentioned. Still, either way, try to make this title as loud as you possibly can.

Keep in mind you still can use the description text to paint a clearer picture of your product or service, so use the title to call out to the user and hook him into whatever message you’re trying to communicate when advertising with Push Ads.

Push Ads Description Text

The following content line is the description text, as you’d find in other textual ads (contextual ads or native ads). Although it allows more characters, you will always need to tweak and trim your message to fit the strict 40 characters limit, so plan it wisely.

Write a short description text to introduce your product to your potential user, describe the advantages of your product, and urge the user to act with a strong CTA. Emojis always stand out, so add a relevant emoji to your text to make it more noticeable when advertising with Push Ads.

Push Banner

One of the great things about push notification ads is that they are informative and very engaging. They also use so many features of the traditional advertising methods we know to further increase engagement.

One of the brilliant additions is adding a 360px X 240px image that hovers above the push ads notification ads and is fully clickable.

On non-MAC desktops, a banner will be located above the push ads notification message and attached to it, this will further the engagement by the user making your ad impossible to miss.

We support mobile and desktop, so make sure to upload all the sizes for maximum engagement and user reach.

Which campaigns work best with push notification ads?


Usually, whatever worked well for you with pop-up advertising will do even better with push, the problem is that push is currently still limited in volume while pop is generating billions and billions of daily ad requests; Push notification ads are a growing trend, and it will take several more months to build up enough volume to even scrape the volume level pop inventory is on.

Having said that, there’s still plenty of volume for the correct bid and targeting, here are a few examples we’ve designed ourselves that project which ads will have a better shot at converting users for your products.

The leading verticals that work amazingly well when advertising with Push Ads (and even surprisingly, for that matter) are Finance, Gambling, Dating, Travel, Mobile Content, and Entertainment.



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