BitBrowser--Best Anti-detection browser

With the continuous development of the network environment, the privacy and security challenges we
face are also continuously developing, BitBrowser provides effective solutions to bring users a safer
and private network experience. It is hoped that everyone can make full use of multiple account
browsers to effectively solve the problem of anti-associations and protect personal privacy and


Why is anti-detection browser so important?

  • Business situation:  In a fierce competitive business environment, companies need to understand market dynamics, and using anti-detection browsers can help them get real user behavior data and avoid being detected by competitors.
  • Traffic profit: Many websites make profits through advertising, but advertisers need accurate audience data. The anti-detection browser can help advertisers accurately locate target users and increase advertising conversion rates.
  • Network Advertising: In the field of online advertising, user privacy is crucial. The anti -detection browser can help users block advertisements and prevent advertisers from being tracked.
  • Multi-account operation: In some scenarios that require multi-account operations, using anti –
    detection browsers can avoid associated accounts and improve security.
  • Breakthrough blockade: Some websites will block specific regions or specific users. Using anti –
    detection browser can bypass the blockade and access the target website.

Although the dazzling defense test browser on the market is dazzling, it is important to choose a product
that really suits you. Next, we will introduce you to the Bit browser from the aspects of function, security,
and easy use:

BitBrowser is a anti-detection fingerprint browser that focuses on safe and privacy protection. It supports
the Chorme kernel and Firefox kernel dual core. It can create multiple independent browser profiles to
facilitate users to manage different account numbers and avoid accounting.


  • Prevent tracking: BitBrowser uses reflecting fingerprint technology, which can hide users ‘digital fingerprints to prevent the website tracking users’ browsing behaviors. BiBrowser can change more than 20 browser fingerprints. These fingerprints are derived from real devices, so You don’t need to make any additional settings. Of course, for those users who need to customize fingerprints, you can set the following fingerprint settings: Useragent, WebRTC, screen resolution, time zone, language, font, webgl, etc.
  • Hidden IP address: BitBrowser supports the proxy server, which can hide the user’s real IP address and protect the user’s network privacy. A variety of different types of IPs can be introduced in BitBrowser to support the simulation of the time zone of IP and geographical location to prevent IP from being recognized and protecting user privacy.
  • Group control and automation: The group control function can copy the operation of a browser profile in real time to other environments, and respond to the operation of the mouse keyboard to multiple profiles to achieve an effect. Automation (RPA) is an automation tool that can be used without programming skills. Simply put, you can edit the operation of web pages (click, roll, input, etc.), and then let the robot execute, which allows you to speed up all kinds of duplicate and mechanical tasks.
  • Team cooperation: BitBrowser provides flexible team management functions, including permissions settings, account sharing, task allocation and operation logs, etc., to ensure that team members can work well according to their roles and permissions, and at the same time ensure the operation of operation Transparency and data security.


BitBrowser pays great attention to security. It uses multiple security measures to protect users’ privacy:

  • Encryption transmission: BitBrowser uses HTTPS encryption transmission to ensure that the user’s data is not stolen during the transmission process.
  • Privacy protection: BitBrowser protects users’ browsing history, search records, download records and other sensitive information to protect the privacy and security of users.
  • Anti -virus test: BitBrowser built-in anti-virus engine can effectively resist malware attack and protect user equipment safety.

Easy to use:

The interface design of the BitBrowser is simple and clear. Users can easily find the required functions and
settings. Whether it is professionals or ordinary users, they can easily use the BitBrowser. It provides detailed
downloads and installations on the official website of the BitBrowser. Step tutorials can help users get started
quickly. In addition to these BitBrowsers, they also provide a variety of languages (Chinese, English, Russian)
for global users

Price :


BitBrowser provides free versions and paid versions, free versions provide basic functions and 10
permanent free profiles. The paid version provides more advanced functions and profiles, such as more
profile configuration files, sub-accounts, etc., The price-performance ratio of BitBrowser is the best in the
anti-detection browser. Whether you are a preliminary contact with the anti -detection browser browser or a
long-term trial veteran, the BitBrowser is one of your best choices, even free version, you can also get a
complete use experience in the BitBrowser to provide each user with the best product.

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