In this ecommerce case study we take a look at how popunder ads play well with CPI offers, especially for eCommerce, gambling and utility offers, pops are probably the best traffic source you can use and keep a campaign running in the green for a long while. 











The Product / Offer

The CPI offers is a direct google play link to Lazada’s app, although we have various countries enabled for this case study we’ll be looking at the performance generated in Indonesia, Lazada is a well-known e-commerce platform in the Asian market so their branding surely helps your conversion rates when dealing with RON traffic at first. 

The landing page

We rotated a few landing pages which were all localized for the Indonesian market. Lazada’s affiliate program was equipped with swiftly providing our creative assets including landing pages, banners, and smart links. 

Lazada offers support for both mobile and desktop traffic, coming in from sites and apps, we had no issues tracking results no matter the landing pages we used.

We also know that the app weight (in MB) is not so high, therefore we can include carriers in the targeting mix for this campaign. 

lazada ecommerce cpi

The campaign

We had a not too high and not too low payout with a few KPI requirements such as conversion to sale rates which were pretty straightforward. 

The targeting for the campaign was pretty broad starting out to be able to discover performing placements and publishers. The offer itself required ID traffic, both mobile and desktop would convert. We focused on the first campaign with only mobile and specifically android traffic, mainly due to the low cost and huge availability of this targeting set. 

We launched the campaign on the low bid available by EZmob DSP, which is $0.20 CPM, so 20c per 1000 impressions, starting out with low bids opens up a lot of placements, the majority of which will be probably updated with a lower bid within the first month of the campaign, the really non-performing placements will be blacklisted from the campaign and all other campaigns I run on the platform. 

So, to summarize our targeting

  • mobile-only
  • android OS (all versions)
  • all browsers
  • ID country targeting
  • both wifi and carriers targeted

The bottom line

It’s always great seeing conversions from day 1. It just builds confidence in the ad network you work with and allows you to focus on what’s working while still allowing some room for discovery. Our CR was pretty good from the start, we explained our KPIs to EZmob’s team and had a pretty decent start with our eCPA which was around $0.20 for the duration of the campaign. 

CR by Device Type
A short list of devices that converted for this offer.
Browser Versions
Conversion and spend per browser version
OS Versions
Conversion and spend per OS version
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