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This case study shows how you can earn instant profit with affiliate offers with low payouts and how this advertiser made it work with a push campaign achieving positive ROI and substantial profilt for a relatively short campaign duration. 











The Product / Offer

The affiliate program for this utility affiliate offer is also the developer of the VPN product. This is sometimes a game-changer when it comes to campaign success, having direct communication with the brand, in this case, an affiliate program, still, if you’ve landed on a communicative account manager then you’ll be able to make quick changes and turn any campaign around into the green. 

The landing page

The landing page in this case was a direct MMP link to the app store. No landing pages were allowed, but deep links into certain product features and pricing packs were available for us to work with and rotate during the campaign run. 

The ad creatives used for this campaign, since it was a push campaign included

  • title text
  • very short description text
  • square logo
  • rectangle image

We’ve focused on CTR for this campaign which meant having a variety of push creatives both in Hindi and English. English proved better for CTR and conversion rate both. 

vpn affiliate offer push traffic

The campaign

Utility offers usually provide a decent payout, but it comes with some KPIs like retention rates, conversion goals, and other less constructive barriers we have to take into consideration when we generate conversions. Once again, having clear communication with your account manager is key to making sure we get at least weekly notifications of quality and whether the KPIs are being met or not. 


The bottom line

VPN offers are either very easy or very complex to convert with push notification traffic. having a good offer with a decent payout is key to making it work for your traffic. Rotating enough creatives and being disruptive in the content of your ad is required for users to click and convert for utilities offer in comparison with gaming ads where the message can focus on the product, with these type of utilities the service and the effect on the user is a must to communicate. 

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