The Best Affiliate Programs of 2022

What makes an affiliate program the "best"?

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long while, and while affiliate marketers and media buyers know very well how to utilize affiliate networks and affiliate programs for their best advantage, there are many best affiliate programs in different niches to pick from. 

We’ve created this guide to understand what to search for when finding a new affiliate program and give you some of our top list of best affiliate programs. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the best movers and makers of affiliate programs in 2022 which will allow you to generate conversions and ROI or read more on our blog is affiliate marketing worth it.

A few other stats you might not have known about affiliate marketing:

    1. 65% of affiliate marketers generate traffic by blogging.
    2. 95% of publishers use more than one affiliate marketing network.
    3. Brands generate over 15% of all sales from affiliate programs.
    4. Brands usually get between 15% and 30% of all sales from affiliate programs
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Why should you use only the best affiliate programs?

Through affiliate networks, thousands of publishers collaborate with other businesses to generate a steady stream of income every day.

One of the best methods to monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing, especially if you don’t sell any goods or services. Joining an affiliate network can increase your income while giving you exclusive access to fresh material and exclusive offers for your audience.

Affiliate programs come in a variety of forms, including online courses, website builders, marketing affiliates, and business affiliates. To make sure you can profit from the information you supply, we’re going to review the top affiliate programs with the most earning potential in this article.

But first, let’s define an affiliate program in more detail.

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What is an Affiliate Program?

A business and another business or promoter (referred to as “the affiliate”) enter into an agreement whereby the business pays the affiliate a commission for directing customers and/or sales their way. Online content, networking sites, or a social videos n can all assist with this.

What is an example for affiliate marketing?

Let’s consider this example to help us understand affiliate programs better. Shoppers can get product recommendations on the website The majority of’s commission revenue comes from its affiliations with retailers.

The publication’s affiliate monetization approach might make you question the credibility of its recommendations – but, in fact, it’s quite the reverse.

Only when a reader makes a purchase from an affiliate store and doesn’t send the item back does receive a commission. Therefore, has no motivation to advertise inferior goods. If they did, they would lose money and lose customers.

How do affiliate marketers earn revenue?

An exclusive link (an “affiliate link”) is provided to the affiliate, from which clicks can be tracked—typically via cookies. The user is then monitored by the cookie to see if they make a purchase. The affiliate will receive a commission if they comply within the designated window of time.

A cookie’s “length” or “cookie life” simply indicates how long it will continue to track a user’s online activity. Different tracking platforms will allow you to set different configurations regarding cookies.

For instance, if a cookie has a 30-day lifespan, your referral must complete a purchase during that time period in order for you to receive payment; otherwise, the lead will no longer be trackable.


Types of Affiliate Programs

There are a few affiliate programs you can take into consideration if you’re wanting to market your goods or services. You should consider the channels or platforms where your audience spends the majority of their time when selecting an affiliate program. For instance, while investigating new items, does your buyer persona often browse blogs, stroll through Facebook, or use search engines?

As an alternative, is your target customer someone who is constantly hunting for a bargain and would value a link to a coupon website? Or do they prefer to conduct an extensive study before making a purchase, making your promotion efforts on a review site more fruitful?

Understanding your ability to push traffic should guide you towards your relevant niche and thus your selection of top affiliate programs. 

What are the best affiliate marketing products to promote?

The affiliate services that will engage the audience, ultimately lead to better sales, and pay you the most money are the ones you should market and promote.

As long as there is a logical connection between the products, you can choose from a variety of niches. Imagine you’re a lifestyle blogger who mostly attracts malereaders. Beauty products might be an excellent fit, but their commission rates are frequently modest. Commissions on financial products are higher.


Financial Affiliate Programs

Since people are continually looking for methods to save earn money and spend less, the demand for financial solutions is always high.

Credit cards, insurance plans, mortgages, loans, and financial security solutions are all part of this broad niche. Financial items are a perfect fit for affiliate marketing because certain commissions can surpass hundreds of dollars per a single purchase.

Since people are continually looking for methods to save earn money and spend less, the demand for financial solutions is always high.

Credit cards, insurance plans, mortgages, loans, and financial security solutions are all part of this broad niche. Financial items are a perfect fit for affiliate marketing because certain commissions can surpass hundreds of dollars per a single purchase.

Dating Affiliate Programs

As they look for that particular someone, singles swipe left or right on a daily basis. However, there is still demand—over 40 million Americans utilize online dating services!

Dating is a timeless topic, unlike fashion or tech items that can go out of style. Your time spent creating content will be repaid in full years from now.

You might advertise reputable dating websites like or sign up for specific dating and adult affiliate programs like CrakRevenue, which offers over 700 different dating products you can promote today.

Travel Affiliate Programs

The travel vertical has been severely impacted in recent years due to the health epidemic and closure of travel lines, but it is bouncing back in the recent weeks with recent news of Delta passengers being offered $10k to take a later flight, or additional flights being demanded as ticket prices soar.

Looking back, research companies produce whitepapers that indicate that during the pandemic short-term rentals were performing better than hotels.

Due to the inclination for peace and quiet, lodgings in rural locations, along rivers and beaches, were more frequently booked. That trend might have gained more traction in the recent 2 years, but obviously, hotels are seeing a hugely positive trend in sales.


Mobile Content Affiliate Programs

Mobile content can be music, streaming video, or even ringtones. It may be processed as a single transaction purchasing content or a subscription service with recurring fees that are done via the user’s mobile carrier. 

Mobile content offers to perform well since they work only on certain carriers, offer engaging content at low prices, and offers a simple path for conversions to users. 

Conversion with mobile content offers can be submitting an email or a pin submit verification code as a purchase validation.

Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gaming is hugely popular with more people of all ages who turn to even more powerful computers, consoles, and mobile devices to satisfy their need for entertainment.

The value of the games market is anticipated to surpass $200 billion by the end of 2023, with 2.7 billion gamers spending over $159 billion on games in 2020.

There are numerous affiliate marketing programs that focus on gaming products in various regions and operating systems, Plarium, for example, are notable affiliate program that develops and promotes its gaming products through affiliate marketing. 

With plenty of affiliate programs offering thousands of products, not to mention Amazon’s affiliate program allowing you to promote virtually every product available on Amazon (except books), one can be confused when it comes to picking a good offer. 

A few offer discovery services do exist to solve exactly those problems. oDigger and OfferVault are namely the best services available to find offers according to certain criteria you might want to apply. 

Other affiliate marketing tools you might want to utilize in order to understand how competitive your niche is are affiliate spy tools such as SpyOver, Anstrex, and AdPlexity.

Another important item on your list is finding the right tracking platform, affiliate tracking platforms differ in features, and in integrations, they support different push ads networks or pop ad networks as well as the major traffic supply sources such as Google and Meta. A few of our recommended tracking services are AdsBridge, Skro, RedTrack, Voluum, Binom, and PeerClick.

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Affiliate Programs: Promotional Web Tools

Affiliate programs provide affiliates with a wide variety of website components or widgets and marketing tools that can be integrated on affiliate websites in order to monetize them.

Some of the ad formats that are offered across all affiliate marketing verticals are: 

    1. Push notifications: communicate with your opt-in users when they’re off-site with in-page push notification ads.
    2. API Integrations: drive current data onto your web pages
    3. dynamic banners: data driven display banner ads that include geo-location for localized messaging. 
    4. Direct link: use your own creatives and direct traffic to these links

Bottom line

Choosing the best affiliate program starts with choosing your niche. Factoring your skills in either writing content or media buying through buying cheap pop traffic might be your way to convert sweepstake offers or pin submit offers or anything else you may choose to pick up from your selection of top affiliate networks. 

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