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Push traffic: Helpful tips on how to scale

Are you struggling from re-marketing your products or services to your customers? Then, you might like to give a try with push traffic. Thus, you can enjoy increased push traffic to your website. Push notification advertising can be used to help you alert your customers about the latest sales or discounts. It is also useful in re-targeting customers who have already abandoned their card. Also, it gives you an interesting way to update your customers each time you will be launching a new product or offering a new piece of content.

One of the good things about push notification ads is that you can have them personalized by targeting the locations. Also, you can remind your customers about the particular product they can add to their card. By driving more traffic to your site, it becomes easier for you to rank in Google. If you enable push notification ads on your website, you are getting an efficient way to drive more push traffic to your content.

Here, you will learn the different tricks to drive more traffic to your site with the help of push notification advertising.

Be Aware of the Perfect Timing to Send Push Notification Ads Traffic

The timing when you are going to send a push notification ad will vary according to the geo-location of your target. If the case that you are a blogger with subscribers coming from different parts of the world, you need to be careful in driving push traffic when they are active.

You need to be smart in segmenting your users according to their locations. Then, you have to send them to push notifications when they are active to ensure that you can increase the traffic and reach the right users at the right time.

What do push notification ads look like?

push ads example

Prefer Sending Personalised Notifications

Every time that your customers receive personalized push notification ads, they feel that they are given importance and become more encouraged to complete the purchase. By using personalized push traffic or push ads on your product offerings, you can get the attention of your customers and more likely to patronize your future offerings.

Never over-do the use of Push notification ads

It is ideal for sending one push notification after cart abandonment, during a special sale, or a weekly one for your blog post. However, sending push notifications ads daily or multiple times daily, you can discourage your customers to stay, or you can irritate them.

In other words, you need to save the push notification ads for worthy and right events. This includes a newly released blog post or a big sale event you will be hosting during the weekend.

Drive More Push Traffic: Short and Simple

A push notification that is short and simple is more effective than those with lengthy content. So, you need to make the text more concise and easier to read. Always get the message straight to the point. Thus, you can consider creating a sense of urgency to make your customers feel the need to click the push notification.
As a business owner or online marketer, you know precisely the importance of increasing the push traffic on your site. So, it is necessary for you to take advantage of push notification advertising.

Where do I start monetizing my website with push?

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