What is missing from your ads push notification?

Marketers know how mobile marketing has been growing for the past years. Mobile pop traffic sources are where many beginner affiliates got their beginning and produced their first $ 1,000-a-day campaign.

You will find many mobile traffic sources to pick from and loads of offers, not to mention it is easy to get started. However, there’s also massive confusion around it. This post aims to unravel what you need to learn about mobile marketing and tips on advertising with pop traffic.

Introducing Mobile Popunder Traffic

Do you often visit streaming or adult affiliate websites? Then you’ve probably seen popups so many times. You will find two types of popups:

  1. Mobile popunder – You click a link. The page loads as usual. However, another site has loaded under the original tab.
  2. Mobile popup – You click a link. A new tab opens on top of your original website where you’re on.

Should You Use Mobile Popups?

Mobile is one of the best places for beginners to learn about affiliate marketing. Why?

  1. Pop traffic sources are forgiving.
  2. You don’t need to get worried about ads—only landing pages
  3. Traffic is more reasonable and cost-efficient than search, native, or Facebook ads, among others
  4. Many mobile traffic sources have a low minimum deposit

Running ad campaigns on Facebook means you must think about uploading, making ads, making landing pages, relevance score, and potentially getting your account suspended, among others.

Meanwhile, mobile ads only let you start sending traffic to your landing pages. Great, right?

What are the Best Mobile Pop Traffic Sources to Use?

Many mobile traffic sources are organizations you might haven’t heard of before. These agencies function like native traffic sources.

You create a campaign in the dashboard and place your campaign URL from EZMob. Once the campaign has been approved, it will immediately go live.

Some of the best mobile traffic sources you can use are:

  1. Affiliate networks
  2. Landing pages
  3. Hosting/server

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Mobile Traffic Sources

Here are some of the good things about mobile pop:

  1. Mobile is one of the quickest methods to get started as an affiliate
  2. Portable pop is a cheap ad format for traffic
  3. You don’t need to think about ads with mobile ads
  4. pop traffic sources are not as strict as Google or Facebook

Meanwhile, here are the cons of using pop advertising for mobile:

  • Mobile opportunities for significant ROI, but it is highly unpredictable too. Hence, the campaigns can be extremely volatile
  • The flow from the campaign can be up and down
  • Mobile pop is competitive. Once you decide to do mobile, you will see yourself in bidding wars.

Mobile pop is an excellent place to begin if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing. For beginners, it doesn’t cost much to start, and you’ll learn split testing and optimizing; you don’t need to have different variables, not to mention you’ll understand how to make angles and see what sells.



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