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Are you one of those affiliate marketers wanting to gain maximum revenue from ad networks using pop or push ads? Maybe you’d wish to boost your sales or double your return on investment. If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the perfect place! This post aims to share relevant insights on the best ad networks that offer cheap pop traffic.

Targeted Traffic in the 21st Century

Everyone is aware of how Google and Facebook become the two giant players in the market. They present the highest quality targeted traffic for everything. That’s mainly because of the growth in competition on the networks they have high rates.

Hence, would you like to do arbitrage business? Maybe you simply like to boost your app install. You should consider today using cheap networks to save some cash.

Such networks aren’t as great as those giant companies when it comes to quality. Nonetheless, if you’re a marketing guru, you should understand how to leverage such networks’ benefits.

Those networks are suitable for:

  • Brand awareness
  • App installs
  • Arbitrage business

However, those don’t do well when we talk about sales. It’s probably because they do not offer superior quality traffic or do not have generous technology to target the ideal audience. No matter the reason, your goal is to acquire maximum app installs and ad clicks. Lucky for you, you can accomplish those easily with EZMob.

But before you learn more about EZMob, let’s take a quick overview of what arbitrage business is.

Arbitrage is a business type where you purchase traffic for less price and sell it at a higher price. You can do this by buying $5 traffic for your website and receive $10 or more in return from ad networks such as EZMob and make a profit.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Cheap Pop Traffic from EZMob

  • Ad networks like EZMob try their best to offer you high-quality and legitimate traffic. However, traffic is produced by publishers and not by the company. One way to maximize cheap pop traffic is by monitoring which websites are sending you non-converting traffic. You can then locate bad websites and block them.
  • Ad formats such as popunder and popups have a greater bounce rate. Users don’t initiate the session, but they have forcefully been delivered to your website. Do you like to lower the bounce rate? Make your page appealing with few redirects and low loading time.
  • Make sure you test the network before you spend on it. Test various ad formats and layouts so you can find the ideal converting format for you.
  • Traffic delivered by ad networks may not be good for AdSense or other ad networks. Thus, do everything at your own risk.
  • Several users may close the tab before the site opens. Hence, it’s typical to see at least 10% lesser visitors than what the ad networks stats present you. Remember that it is out of the control of the ad network to determine if you have received the traffic or not.

If you are only looking for the best and cheap pop traffic ad network, EZMob got you covered!

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