What is Odigger?

Odigger’s website tagline is “Find offers. Find Networks. Find Wealth” which doesn’t leave much to doubt. Essentially, Odigger is a search engine for affiliate offers and affiliate networks. If you have a specific offer or a broad vertical you’d like to find offers for, Odigger is one of the best site to do exactly that. 

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Odigger: Main Features

Odigger is an online offer discovery platform that helps businesses get better offers from many different ad networks. You can filter your search by category, country, type of offer, and keyword.


Since presenting offers is oDigger’s primary function, let’s spend some time looking at their offer profile page, which is the page that loads when you click an offer. In essence, oDigger will provide you with all the data you require to begin determining whether this offer is a great fit for you.

Although oDigger generally keeps its data up to date, you should nevertheless cross-reference information on the offer vault with the network since there may be obsolete information that the networks supply offer vault.


Before choosing a certain offer to run with pop ad networks or banner ad network-scripts, the offer profile page would provide you with all the information you require.

    1. Offer Name: Usually includes the GEOs allowed and any restrictions
    2. Preview: The product page
    3. Categories: The niche of the offer being promoted. 
    4. Affiliate Network: The affiliate network this offer is from, you will need to register an account with them if you do decide to run this offer.
    5. Payout: The income you will generate for a single conversion
    6. Affiliate Network: The name of the affiliate network that is running that offer.
    7. Status: would indicate the current status of the offer which may be paused, active or limited.
    8. Last updated: a good indicator to realize how fresh the offer’s data is on oDigger. 
    9. Date added: when the offer was added
    10. Countries: the countries where you can convert this offer. 
    11. Offer description: The description is also imported from each affiliate network and allows the network to further detail its restrictions or payout structure. 

Network Offers Page

When you locate an offer you like on oDigger, you can start looking at all of the offerings that are part of that ad network. This enables you to comprehend the network’s primary vertical or area of expertise as well as how many additional offerings it runs and in which verticals. Additionally, find out if the offer you’ve been looking for comes in additional forms or with different payment options. Finding offers that are most effective for push notification and pop advertising might be possible if you approached this as a process.


Why use oDigger?

The affiliate advertising sector is rife with claims of lucrative deals and promotions. There are several affiliate networks, but only a small number of them pay their publishers significantly. These ad networks run thousands of various offers. On affiliate networks, the vast majority of offers have never experienced a conversion.

As a search engine for offers, oDigger can organize the offer jungle. Utilize oDigger and use it as a cross-reference tool for your findings. You may check to see if you’re getting the public reward or less, and you can switch to another network if the offer you’re running in network X is receiving a greater payoff there.

How can you make money with oDigger?


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oDigger is a reference tool that assists you in finding offers to promote; it is not a network where you can expect to be paid; nonetheless, it will give you far more insights than forums and message boards.

Due to their integration with so many affiliate networks, oDigger has access to invaluable information on the trends in affiliate marketing at the moment.

By just looking for a higher payout for the offer you’ve been running, you may use oDigger to rapidly increase your ROI.

If you see that the link you’re utilizing is leading to an affiliate network other than the one you’re working with, you may also use AffiliTest in your payout optimization process.

Can I run offers directly from oDigger?

The preview URLs—not the tracking URLs—are what oDigger displays to you. Each network you find using oDigger would still require you to register. You might obtain the tracking URL there along with your affiliate ID.

If you have any inquiries concerning the compensation or other requirements, you should contact the affiliate network directly rather than oDigger.

Is oDigger legit?

For its affiliate offers directory, oDigger has linked with an affiliate network. In other words, every offer that becomes active with a certain affiliate network is immediately registered on oDigger.

When examining any data set, this kind of integration offers the legitimacy you want. oDigger collects the API feeds that affiliate networks send them. It will be very clear whether a certain affiliate network is giving oDigger incorrect information or supplying information that you won’t see if you sign up for an affiliate account with that network.

Can you advertise on oDigger?

Yes, mostly affiliate networks looking for new affiliates should use this.

Affiliate networks can advertise on various pages of the oDigger website through banner ads, sponsored articles and listings, and sponsored mailers to oDigger users.

How much does oDigger cost?

oDigger is completely cost-free; there are no hidden fees. With the help of an affiliate network and top advertisers eager to sign up affiliates, oDigger was able to monetize its service.

What are some alternatives to oDigger?

There are a few affiliate directories that provide clarity for affiliate marketers. 

  1. offervault.com
  2. affplus.com
  3. affpaying.com

The bottom line

One of those affiliate marketing tools that everyone should be familiar with is oDigger. If you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing, be sure to visit oDigger before publishing any offers; you never know what you might learn there that could help your campaign run more smoothly.

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