Transform your pop ads with loss-preserving traffic: Learn what popunder traffic advertising is and how you can use it to drive more traffic with less aggressive absorber windows!

Drive more traffic with engulfing ads

Choosing the right advertisement for an offer is a challenge that often has to deal with any affiliate. Let us help you with that decision (or perhaps make the choice even harder) by introducing you to a trusted and truly disclosed ad.



Pop ads are one of the oldest and most popular ad formats. They work for affiliates of any experience level and are applicable to almost any vertical.

You’re probably already familiar with expanding windows, but how well do you know pop ads, the second form of pop ads? Pop traffic?

Featured ads were presented as an alternative to classic on-page ads. Unlike permanent ads attached to page content, persistent ads offer a more fluid, temporary attraction. Appearing on the homepage, they allow users to take their time and embrace the ad content whenever they want, instead of interrupting their browsing, which can be annoying, leading to higher interest and eventually higher conversions.

Ads can be intrusive – pop ads that solve this problem by showing a product or offer independent of consumers’ increased choice of consumption.

And if you need persuasiveness, here are some of the bigger investments in pop traffic:

  • Pop traffic is available for every type of traffic, regardless of the source.
  • When it comes to soul, pop traffic beats push notifications!
  • This is the highest type of income and is ideal for beginners, with the largest amount of income to spend and increase. But it is also suitable for more experienced partners, working with both low and high fruit offers.
  • It’s straightforward and impossible to miss.
  • It doesn’t harmonize with the website and is sure to grab the user’s attention. Again: whenever they want!


There is only a one-time high frequency of occurrence between developing windows: while the former opens on top of the pages the user is currently visiting, the secondary ones open in a window under tabbed browsing.

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: it allows the prohibition to stay free while the user continues browsing, and when they’re ready, they can read the ad. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

This is less intrusive and allows more freedom, which usually refers to a more positive attitude towards the advertised product or offer. And while it’s more subtle, it doesn’t mean the ad belongs unnoticed. Instead, it just stayed in the family until the user checked it out by closing their tabs.




One tip to help you achieve a higher ad-supporting conversion rate is to accept different campaigns for different regions. Providers usually don’t allow geo-targeting, but you can work around this by designing a promotion for each targeted location. Your popunder traffic advertising will be in the most profitable timeframe for your selected geos.


Running split tests (or A/B testing) is a great way to improve any area of ​​your campaign or publishing platform that you want to work on. It could be your font, call to action, showtime, or location. Visuals and images can also make a huge difference to your landing page or pre-lander. With pop traffic, it’s important to grab attention in the blink of an eye. The visuals used have a significant impact on the conversion rate. So feel free to try different approaches!

Doing some popunder tests with split testing can also help you understand if you want to implement pre-landers or not. Pre-Landers are a great way to increase your conversion rate by ensuring that only the highest quality traffic reaches your landing page.

Running a few split tests can help you figure out if pre-landers really help, depending on the offer you choose.


Ad capping is the concept of limiting the number of times your ad is shown and can be adjusted based on your budget and the number of times a user sees your ad.

Generally, you don’t want users to see your ad more than twice, so it’s definitely worth considering limiting your ads.

How to get started with pop-under ads

It’s a lot of fun learning how great and simple pop-ups can be, but how can you start using them when promoting your offers? Whether you’re a novice or an expert, the right tool can make a huge difference in your ad performance.


EZmob’s mobile media experts in popunder traffic advertising market our clients’ businesses to drive sales and customer engagement through traffic generated through our exclusive publisher network. 

We utilize a wide variety of creatives and ad formats including Video, Display, Native, and Interstitial ad formats to guarantee you, as our client, have the best reach. Having direct access to programmatic inventory allows our clients to access sites that are proven relevant at a much lower cost-per-impression, better control of viewability, and being able to scale when it counts.

Are you ready to start promoting? Just visit the offer of your choice and try your hand at pop-under advertising right now! And, as always, if you have any questions or comments that need to be answered, feel free to reach out to our customer service team via our live chat at the bottom right of this page.

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