Pop ads: what makes them the best ad format for converting offers?

Pop ads have been around since the early days of the internet, at first as a retention tool for publishers and webmasters looking to keep their website audience engaged with a recent promotion or section of their website and soon after by brands, agencies, and media buyers as a not-so-sophisticated marketing tool which has since then continued to provide stellar results and proved there’s really no substitute.

It’s no secret that pop ads are annoying and disruptive to the user’s journey, for some website owners, that’s all they can use to monetize their traffic with advertisers to buy popunder traffic from. Sites that are barred from using google AdSense due to their content or location are the ultimate candidate for monetizing with pop-up ads. Also, publishers who are connected with Google Adsense sometimes use it against protocol by showing the ads within a pop ad.

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What Are Pop Ads?

Pop ads are a new tab on your browser window that appears over the content you’re viewing or beneath it (pop-under). Pop ads automatically redirect the user on the newly opened tab to the advertiser’s tracking URL instantly, landing the user right on the page. 

What Are the Advantages of Pop Ads?

Huge volumes of pop ads

The great thing about pop ads is the volume of traffic that comes with them, since pop ads are popular across certain niches of websites that are the most viewed among other verticals, we seem to get a lot of pop inventory. 
You can view how much pop inventory EZmob had yesterday by looking at our traffic inventory page. 

Low threshold and min. bids

Not only are pop ads abundant they also come with a great starting bid, $0.20 CPM as a minimum bid for pop ads. That means you pay $0.20 and get 1000 impressions. That’s 1000 times your page was opened in front of real pop ads visitors. 

No creatives needed for pop ads

Any other ad format other than pop ads requires a landing page, image banner, and/or icon, with pop ads all you need is a link. That’s it. Of course, professional affiliate marketers will create dedicated landing pages, but to get rolling for newbie affiliate marketers who are looking to understand the nature of both the offer and the traffic they buy, redirecting users directly to the tracking URL will still yield the media buyer conversions. 

Pop Ads: Automation Rules

With EZmob you can set up simple yet powerful rules that will mainly negate non-performing website placements or SubIDs from your pop ads campaigns. 

Pop Ads: Minimum deposit

Advertisers can launch pop ads campaigns immediately by depositing a minimum of $50 only on their EZmob advertiser account, create their campaign and get it approved within a couple of hours. There is a very low risk involved to test what a pop ad campaign can do for you. 

How are pop ads vetted for traffic quality?

Since ad fraud is rampant with ad fraud in general, it pays to fight ad fraud across the board, specifically for pop ads as including. EZmob monitors its inventory with 3rd party independent monitoring services such as ClearTrust that allow a plethora of parameters to be picked up from each click we deliver to our clients and the tested again notorious fraud data banks. We filter a substantial amount of our traffic for a wide variety of parameters such as IP mismatch, Bots, user-agent mismatch, campaign limits, repeated clicks, and more. See a snapshot of one publisher’s traffic below:

What are some pop ads alternatives?

The main ad format which is an alternative for pop ads would probably be push notification ads in their many forms, traditional push ads, In-Page push ads, and calendar push ads. Push ads are relatively new to pop advertising and have become popular in the last couple of years, learn more about push notification ads

Why do websites have so many advertisement pop ads?

Browsing is free and as long as users don’t micro-pay their way to an article, a world that doesn’t seem like fun to live in, users will have to endure publishers’ different monetization schemes. Websites use pop ads campaigns to properly engage users with their advertiser’s pop ads campaigns and reach a better bottom line. 

What verticals work best with pop ads?

Pop ads are proven to work best with a well-defined number of verticals that media buyers and affiliate marketers usually gravitate towards. With the low bids requested for pop ads inventory and the high payout for these verticals, pop ads can easily bring back the ROI for affiliate offers. 

The main verticals who enjoy the highest conversion rate with pop ads are: 

    1. Crypto 
    2. Shopping
    3. Adult
    4. Gambling
    5. Gaming
    6. Mobile Content / Downloads

Pop ads targeting features

Even though pop ads are considered ancient t technology, ad servers with XML technology are not, targeting technology for pop advertising campaigns is almost as good as programmatic advertising networks. 

The main targeting features available for pop advertisers: 

    1. Country and City
    2. Publisher
    3. Placements or subIDs
    4. Network connection
    5. Carrier
    6. IP
    7. Whitelist/Blacklist
    8. Browser
    9. Operating system
    10. Device brand
    11. Platform

and more. 

Easy to run

Pop ads campaigns are easy to set up and get live without over-complicating things for media buyers. Set, Launch, Optimize. For some banner campaigns, it might be more challenging with different creatives sizes and ad approval among other reasons, with pop the campaign approval is fast, doesn’t require creatives and you see immediate pop ad traffic globally.

EZmob is already integrated with tracking solutions such as Bemob, CPV Lab Pro, Skro, and many others, so advertisers don’t need to update MACROS and tracking templates, just select EZmob from the tracking solution’s integrated traffic sources. 

The bottom line

Pop ads are here to stay as long as the internet is kept free. That’s the downside of capitalism, but the upside is that publishers win healthy eCPMs, advertisers access volumes of pop ad inventory fair-priced and abundant. Launch your next pop ads campaign with EZmob Self-serve advertising platform.

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