What’s a self-serve model? The competition among brands is becoming increasingly cut-throat. Hence, it is no longer a surprise that mid to large brands partner with digital marketing agencies to help them with real-time and in-house optimization of their digital campaigns.

A digital agency positions itself as an authority in the field by opting for a self-serve model. The more you are aware of the ins and outs of numerous technology platforms, the more you can increase the retention of your customers.

Yet apart from building credibility and customer retention, there are more benefits in choosing the self-serve model.

Self-Serve Model: Build Your Skillset

As its name suggests, a self-serve model will allow you to take ownership of how you navigate the DSP while achieving great results from the campaigns you are making. In the long run, you become an expert using a specific technology. And this will build your skillset, making you more sophisticated and on top of your game.

Self-Serve Model: Complete Control

The self-serve DSPs position you right in the driver’s seat. You can have all the details about how you have set up the campaigns, the changes made, and their underlying rationales. In the long run, you can develop the best practices to apply to the other projects you are to make.

Self-Serve Model: Trustworthy Automation

An interface’s user-friendliness is not only the consideration you should make. The DSP partner you are to choose must be current and amenable to adapt in the face of evolving programmatic landscape. Built-in machine learning incorporated in your DSP ultimately results in tangible business results, optimization of campaigns, and streamlined workflows.

While the self-serve model can provide you with numerous benefits, it can also be daunting at times. To know that you have found the right DSP, you must look at how they assist you in onboarding. A comprehensive onboarding process must cover these things:

Discussion Of Basics

During the onboarding of your DSP, you must be provided with the basics, especially when it comes to planning, setting up, executing, and reporting your campaign. These four are crucial for your success in managing all your campaigns from start to finish.


We have mentioned earlier that one of the benefits of having a self-serve model for your DSP is that you position yourself in the driver’s seat. It must be the same thing that must happen during onboarding.

The rep must show you how to navigate the platform by yourself and train you further so you can familiarize yourself with every detail.

Best Practices

You will be able to get to know the DSP on your own. But it will also lessen the time of getting to identify finer details when the rep provides inside information about the DSP and best practices for using it.

Responsive CSR

There will come a time that you will encounter problems along the way. Even though you opt for a self-serve model, it still pays off to have dedicated customer service to help you not just during onboarding but throughout that you are using DSP.


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