Voluum: Tracker Review

There’s some quote that says that anything you can measure you can improve. Measurement is vital in the affiliate marketing business. Not only measuring well but segmenting your measurements into different segments is key for improvement. Knowing the data you’re looking at daily and makes up your business is true is not something that should be taken lightly. In this Voluum tracker review, we’re going to look at what makes Voluum the top contender when it comes to affiliate marketing measurement and tracking, and much more. 

So what is Voluum and why it can help your affiliate marketing campaigns

Voluum is a cloud-based performance tracking software for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and agencies. Voluum allows its clients to track, optimize, and automate all their advertising campaigns in one place, using a safe and cookie-less server-to-server postback URL method.

What makes Voluum the most reliable affiliate tracker?

  • Real-time reporting: Getting the data analytics you need from your organic and paid traffic sources, no matter how many you’re currently using (inc. Google, Facebook) is something Voluum prides itself in doing well. It doesn’t matter how much volume of data you have, it’s hardly a challenge for the Voluum tracker. 
  • Automizer: one of the cool features about Voluum is that any ad network that is worth mentioning is already integrated with Voluum, so instead of bothering with porting a specific network tracking template into Voluum you just select the traffic source you’re using and keep using Voluum’s MACROS and tracking parameters as you know them. 
  • Traffic Distribution AI: Automation is key in these times, Voluum lets you do more by setting up rules to send traffic to the right landing pages, offers, and creatives that generate the best conversion rates. 
  • Work in teams: Voluum is great for teams, you can create spaces and involve your team members in different aspects of the campaigns you set up on their tracking software.
  • Anti Fraud Kit: Anyone who’s bought media before already knows ad fraud is very much a real thing, Voluum allows you to protect your campaigns against bots and fraudulent activities by identifying invalid traffic and cut it off before any budget is wasted and more!
  • Voluum app: Voluum has a great app you can use to keep your focus on major trends and alerts in real-time and take action immediately. 

Volume is not a problem for Voluum

Big data is not a big challenge for Voluum, they can handle literally billions of clicks daily, in multiple segments, filters and optimization paths that are baked into their platform. Voluum keeps data centers around the world to ensure 100% uptime so no clicks are lost ever. They also are great at teaching and giving you the skill you need to use the platform correctly and effectively. 

Support is 2nd to none.

We know that when you have a problem with any digital service you expect support in real time. Voluum provides its clients with outstanding customer support: which includes personal onboarding calls, live video webinars, video tutorials, and details step-by-step guides. If you’re just starting out Voluum has the best learning curve and tools to allow you to become a tracking pro in no time. If you’re new to to affiliate marketing there’s a few articles and blog posts about how to start winning with affiliate marketing on our blog. 

How much does Voluum cost?

one of the key aspect in any tracking platform is the cost. Voluum has a great pricing plan that allows you to start without risking too much of the budget you want to spend on marketing. Even on their lowest price plan, they allow you to set up over 40 active campaigns, will hold your data for 3 months, and allow you to incur up to 1M events. Events include conversions, sales, and clicks, and the latter can burn up pretty quickly. But still, all that for $89 is the fairest deal on the market. 

How to get started with Voluum tracker

Setting up your account is easy as 1-2-3, simply register an account, and start working. Enjoy an exclusive promotion for EZmob’s users by visiting this URL that will gain you 30% off your monthly plan! Tell you came from this voluum tracker review. Read more about all our exclusive offers on our marketing partners page.

The bottom line

We highly recommend Voluum as it’s a market leader when it comes to tracking performance, it might give you more than you need if you’re just starting out, but there are no features that won’t be used when you would need them. Give them a try on your next campaign and find out what makes them the best.

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