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Enhancing push notification campaigns’ performance is probably not that high on your to-do list. There are many reasons behind it, and one of those is the fact that you may be consuming most of your time in App Store Optimization or what you call as ASO for brevity. This is being resorted to in order to increase app downloads. But if you want to improve their user experience, you need to do it with a good strategy, use your time and spend your money. You may also have a misconception that whenever you receive a notification or reminder through push, you can already increase the retention of your app rates.

Push notification campaigns are not considered as the start of an extensive marketing journey in the future. Just like any mobile marketing, and also like App Store Optimization, you need to optimize the campaigns and analyze the performance. Now, how could you be able to improve your push notifications then? Here are seven ways on how you could get with its respective importance as well. If you feel that this article would help you, then do not stop reading because this is a good treat for you.

Top Tips for Push Notification Campaigns

1. Your number one consideration is the so-called “segmentation.”
What enters your mind whenever you hear about segmentation? It is just so easy. Here, you will be commanded to create a segment of the audience. This is for targeted users. This is made by using the filter feature of your app. Your location, as well as some data needed and previously stored, will be so useful now. This would be just that easy if your provider has the ability to make segments.

2. Choose channeling as one of the effective ways on how to be receptive to the audience
Channeling may be one of the synonyms of networking. Here, you will be subscribed to a certain content, which content has the same interest as well as choices. Again, this is made for a targeted purpose and that is an audience that is receptive.

The first thing that you should learn is creating a segment. After you have already rooted in the segment you created, this will now be the time wherein you will use channeling as an effective mode of categorizing which content you are going to send and allow your subscribers to patronize.

3. Geofencing is an effective form of push notification
Geotargeting is the focus of this push notification. When using this, the app conversion rate will be added to the open rates. There is a certain area wherein installs are targeted. In geofencing, the user enters a certain area or radius, and automatically a message will be created. It is the same thing that happens whenever the user leaves the said area or radius. But still, you should not forget using the first two as discussed – the segmentation as well as the channeling.

Creating the so-called proximity marketing campaign is considered as the most brilliant idea in improving your push notification performance. You may wonder what the meaning of proximity is. Well, this is sometimes called location-based marketing. Here, your interaction with users of the same app is being practiced, and it is really happening in real-time. This is the most important thing whenever the user enters as well as leaves the specific area. Building an exact or enough automation is triggered by the so-called radial geofences. If you are wondering what radial geofences means, then it is better to understand that it composes of polygon geofences which are so complex.

4. Use rich notifications to increase open rates
If you want to increase open rates by up to 56%, it is not impossible, because you can really increase open rates by that percentage you are to use rich push notification campaigns. Are you knowledgeable about rich notification? If yes, better! You can use it as you go on with the process of improving the push notification. But if you are not known yet, then you have to understand that rich notification is a push campaign. It has an attachment and said attachment is rich media in itself. There are characters in the notification, and aside from them, you can add some add-ons. It includes some images, various videos, and other assets that are truly interactive. URLs, as well as emojis, are also a must-add character. Furthermore, some researches from the internet say that emojis can increase reaction rates by 20%.

5. Add dynamic content to messages
Dynamic content is content for a message that is somewhat twisted to improve based on known information about the targeted app user. You need to build a so-called dynamic content, and these include anything that has been captured in connection with your profile. It seems you are aware of your users’ preferences so that the thin preferences so that the things that they like can be inserted in a push notification campaigns.

6. You should not use the lengthy push notification
The type of message is dependent on the number of characters used. According to research, 80 characters is the best number of characters to get clicks. But, for offers, it is best to make them 20 or 25. You can be guided by several pointers whenever push notification becomes lengthy. But your message is about entertainment; it is best to make it short. Education-wise, you should make a shorter training as well as coupons.

7. The user’s journey is dependent on the perfect time
It is a must to know that push notification can really work at its best whenever it is sent at the right time. In increasing the success rate of the messaging you have, you need to create an effective campaign.
There is a certain point in the user journey that you should wait for before sending a push notification campaigns. Depending on the app type that you use, statistics show that you need to wait for about four and even up to six sessions.

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Push Notification Campaigns

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