What are Calendar Notification Ads?

The new ‘push’ ad format is finally here. Interested in learning more about calendar notification ads? keep on reading…

Calendar notification ads are generated by the native calendar app by advertisers who invite users via setting up events that are displayed on the user’s device. Once a user sees the event he may click it and be redirected thru the calendar app to a web browser landing page. For now, Calendar notification ads can be used on iOS devices and are similar to the native android push notification ads that have been dominating the non-traditional DSPs in the past couple of years.


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How do Calendar Notification Ads work?

Similar to push notifications ads, Calendar Notification ads are a subscription-based service where users have to opt in to receive the event alert ads. The user receives the notification on all devices via the iCloud service.

The user will also be reminded of the event or ads before the event’s time arrives. As you already know, the effect push notification ads brought with them two years ago might be repeated with another cash-generating gimmick in 2022, so make sure you get your campaigns started.


Calendar Ads


Similar to simpler android push notification ad formats, not including the image element of the ad, Calendar push ads are similar in nature, taking in 1 description line and a URL. Here’s what a user will see across his device.

calendar push notification ads flow

What inventory is available for Calendar Based Advertising?

Inventory for Calendar Push ads is restricted for iOS and is available worldwide. Contact our team to get the expected volume for your exact targeting.

If you’ve already launched a campaign and not filling your daily caps, please use our helpdesk service, and our support team will investigate.

Calendar Ads

How do I launch a Calendar Push Notification Campaign?​

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