AdsBridge: Tracker Review

AdsBridge is a global tracking solution for all types of online business. A large scope of tools is provided and there are no limitations even if you have a starter account. Adsbridge enables you to increase the profit you generate from your marketing campaigns. The challenges any good affiliate faces are taken into consideration with their tracking software. Even though there are plenty of tracking solutions on the market like Skro, Voluum, Funnel Flux, and many more, Adsbridge still stands out due to the wide variety of features and automation tools it brings on board. Choosing the best tracker and doing an informed choice is critical to making your media buying activity run smoother for longer. 

What features are provided by AdsBridge Tracker?

  1. Multi-user access
    sharing a login shouldn’t be a hassle you need to include it in your daily routines, create a unique username for each of your team members and follow a log to see changes done by each. 
  2. Accurate TDS
    Audience segmentation is key to take into consideration and can affect your conversion rates and lead generation. AdsBridge allows you to control the distribution of traffic and route the traffic to the most relevant offer to maximize your conversion rate. 
  3. Real-time stats
    Get the data you need in real-time and stay on top of issues instead of following behind them. Adsbridge stat reports are rich and expansive to include all the groupings given by all of the tracking solutions with more features on top. 
  4. Fraud-Guard
    The #1 reason to fail in your media buy is ad fraud which is rampant. Get accurate estimations of the incoming traffic quality based on deep algorithms and filters that are baken into AdsBridge’s platform.
  5. Automated conversion caps
    Set a daily cap on your side and avoid traffic loss when the network cuts you off from offers. 
  6. Excellent support
    If the AdsBridge support center and helpdesk don’t answer your question, feel free to contact the AdsBridge support team which provides real-time top-tier support for their clients. 

So how cheap is AdsBridge Tracker?

AdsBridge tracker offers you the following pricing options depending on your traffic volumes:

  1. Starter 100 0000 visits $29
  2. Professional 3 million visits $89
  3. Advanced 7 million visits $199
  4. Business 14 million visits $379
  5. Agency 19 million visits $499
  6. Enterprise 31 million visits $799
    *Exclusive- contact them

How to get started with AdsBridge tracker

Setting up your account is easy as 1-2-3, simply register an account, choose your pricing plan and click to integrate your account with different traffic sources and affiliate networks.

The bottom line

AdsBridge is an impressive technology powered by a very strong development and support team. They are feature-rich and can suit any affiliate or media buyer, small or big. Adsbridge tracker allows you to forget about the small problems and focus on your campaigns. They are not the cheapest service but quality comes with a cost. Remember, when you pay peanuts – you get monkeys when it comes to any tech solution online. 

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