Skro: Tracker Review

Skro was founded in 2021 with its headquarters in Estonia, Skro is a cloud-hosted ad tracking solution made specifically for media buyers and affiliates. What makes it immediately stand out is the very fair pricing plan that even includes a free option for new affiliates that are just starting out. But much more than the pricing plan is the excellent user interface and rich features that come baked in for any client level. 

So why should newbie affiliates launch their campaigns with Skro tracker

Skro takes the pain away from launching a well-informed advertising campaign. Instead of owning your own tracking server, maintaining your data, and keeping an uptime of 99.9%, Skro is fair-priced tracking software that enables affiliates, small to big, to instantly launch data-driven campaigns across many integrated networks such as Google Ads, Facebook, Taboola and many more including ourselves. This allows you to skip over usual tracking issues such as passing data over tracking URLs via dynamic parameters or MACROS and instead use a Skro global MACROS.

Skro tracker: Features list

  • Real-time reporting:

    Monitor your ad campaign metrics; visits, clicks, costs, and profit. View detailed click and conversion logs also in real-time. View detailed data about every single click and conversion. Easily find any data mismatches between your affiliate network and Skro.

  • Automation:
    Skro allows you to extend the user journey and set up dedicated funnels based on events and conversion data.
  • Integrations Galore:
    With over 230 pre-filled templates for Affiliate Networks and 85+ pre-filled templates for Traffic Sources, getting the data you need for your next campaigns is easy to do.
  • Compliance:
    As a European-based company, you can count on Skro to strongly adhere to strict GDPR regulations with cookie-less tracking and direct tracking for Facebook, Google, and Bing Ads.

Scaling with Skro tracker is simple as 1,2,3

Skro offers several pricing plans for individuals and organizations, each with its own pricing range.


  • Free plan – This is your best bet if you’re a newbie and are looking for a free tracker or if you simply want to test if this tracker is for you. It accepts up to 250,000 events per month, allows up to 10 custom domains, and stores up to three months’ worth of data.
  • Starter Plan – Priced at €39 per month, this plan accepts ten times more events than the free plan (2.5 million), five times more custom domains (50), and twice the length of data retention (6 months).
  • Pro Plan – If your monthly traffic reaches up to 5 million, then this is the plan for you. It allows you to link up to 100 custom domains and keeps your data for a year. All this for the price of €99 per month.


  • Team Plan – The team plan is for small teams, up to five users. The Team plan allows you to store your ad data for one year. It accepts 10 million events per month and allows up to 150 custom domains. This one is worth €199 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan – The largest plan available, the Enterprise plan allows you to store your ad data for two years. You can add up to 10 users. It accepts 30 million events per month and allows up to 300 custom domains. This one is worth €449 per month.

How to get started with Skro tracker

Setting up your account is easy as 1-2-3, simply register an account, choose your pricing plan and click to integrate your account with different traffic sources and affiliate networks.

The bottom line

Skro has an impressive platform that allows quick growth. It seems like newbie affiliate marketers should explore Skro as it is expansive in features and free to start with. Skro has a ton of resources already baked in so you can focus on optimizing your Popunder campaigns and generating conversions instead of going over click logs to find a rogue conversion. 

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