Affiliate Marketing Forums Comparison

There are many forums online that deal with marketing, but there’s a few that stand out due to the well managed community and the professional content they provide their members. In this affiliate marketing forums comparison we will attempt to highlight the forums that drive knowledge and help media buyers and advertisers to create better structured campaigns that have a shot at converting for our clients. 

There’s plenty of ways to learn affiliate marketing in 2022. You can choose between paid affiliate marketing course, free courses offered by ad networks, youtube tutorials or join different affiliate communities and learn from the best. 

If you’re wondering what are the best affiliate marketing forums, keep reading below for our favorite picks:

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Advice for newbie affiliate marketers

Learning affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but then again many things aren’t. The problem is that usually, affiliates start out working on their own budget, and whether it’s $50 or $5000, you still want to avoid the mistakes that will eat away your budget due to a configuration mistake on your campaign, like targeting carrier traffic for an app that weighs 200MB for example. 

Forums come in and help you decide between different affiliate networks, traffic sources, and tracking technologies, most of the time whatever everybody else uses will make you avoid non-paying partners or partners that are very problematic, to say the least when they accept your traffic. Affiliate networks may pay a rosy picture for you during the month, but when payment time comes the picture may wither. The bread and butter for forums are new users who come to learn and ask even simple questions, it is in the interests of both networks and other partners to become an authority on each forum and provide you with real tangible answers you can count on, which might not be the case in personal conversation.

Each network has its own advantage, some are best used for starting new campaigns, and some are great for scaling up your media buy. The experience shared by the forum members enables you to earn by not spending your money the wrong way. Read more tips for affiliate marketing beginners on this blog post we wrote a while ago.

Affiliate Follow along and Case Studies

One of the best features in forums is affiliate follow alongs, where a certain media buyer will document his buying and how he or she has set up the offer initially and the changes made throughout the campaign. Affiliates that do so will receive instant real-time support from the other community members and not less important the ad network you’re buying from. 

There’s a lot to learn from follow along, the gold is in the details where you see some affiliate taking for granted campaign configuration best practice that you might not have even considered. 

Another important feature are affiliate marketing case studies offered by affiliates and ad networks that show you a specific campaign and the action made to get that campaign into the green. 

Ad Network Promo codes & Coupons

Forums incentive their community by getting them the best offers, it’s in the ad network interest to promote their network and offer advantages for the forum members to choose them instead of all the others. 

All of the tools you must have, even if you still don’t realize it can add up to a serious amount, whether they are affiliate marketing tools, spy tools, traffic from ad networks or whitepaper resources. Ad networks will usually offer new clients bonuses to boost their acquisition or top-up bonuses for existing clients to boost retention. 

If you’re about to launch a campaign with a new traffic source, make sure to pay a visit to any of the forums below and run a quick search to see if you can get more than just what you’ve deposited. It’s a great way to support the forum and get paid on the way. 

Affiliate Competitions

Another great feature of affiliate marketing forums is competitions that ad networks or affiliate programs sponsor once in a while, it’s a great way for affiliates to test partners they might have not tested before knowing well that the network is committed to making payments and support for the duration of the campaigns and after. The prizes usually range from free tools and resources, months to test products without paying for products or features to actual money prizes

Also, competitions usually bring the best out of professional marketers, showing off is definitely not frowned upon since if you’re doing well and communicating your success there will be a lot of views for your profile and your effort. The community is very supportive of information shared and are geared to make the most of your insights. 



AffLift is one of our favorite forums, if you’re a newbie looking to learn things from scratch you should check out AffLift, owned and operated by Luke Kling, new members receive a warm welcome when they join. Luke also makes sure to point you in the right direction as soon as you join. For more experienced media buyers, the dedicated forum threads for media buying, popunders, push notifications and more will help you get the answers you need for any campaign delivery issue. All of the major ad networks are super contributors and are attentive to clients concerns and reply with a helpful transparent answer for any question clients may highlight. 

The PPV (popunder) and Push sections are the most active sections, with the other verticals following closely behind. AffLift will provide you with tremendous value instantly for only $20 / month or a lifetime subscription that goes for $350. 

Another cool feature is the chat room which allows members to chat directly with each other, propose new features or just jump in and get familiar with other members of the forum. Join Afflift today!

Affiliate marketing forums comparison
Affiliate marketing forums comparison


StackThatMoney is a great forum, partly because it is a paid forum, it costs $100 / month to join and be in the loop. That makes many spammy forum members from even trying. You can find many different articles and threads that are focused around media buying, PPC, best practice and discounts that are offered exclusively to members of their forum. 

STM Forum is run by a group of affiliates with tremendous experience in many verticals of affiliate marketing. The community has been online for a long while and has seen the rise of many popular super affiliates.

STM’s most active sections are pops, adult and mobile traffic and the monthly subscription costs $99.

affiliate fix logo


AffiliateFix offers almost unlimited access to its content completely free which might be great as a starting point but also means there’s some unsolicited content available that might not be the freshest. Still, AffiliateFix keeps a tight hand over content and has done a lot to improve over the years and provide the content you can’t get anywhere else. 

The strong suits of AffiliateFix are mainly industry news, conferences, events, and general conversations. Vendors share their official updates and keep in touch with the community on a regular basis. Like other forums, you can find many case studies, follow-alongs, and free helpful content about how to make it in affiliate marketing. Read more in this review on AffiliateFix and get a unique exclusive bonus reserved for AffiliateFix users. 

AffiliateFix offers an option to upgrade your account which will give you some features you won’t get with a free account like being able to control your content and delete it or edit it if needed with a greater reach for vendors. and affiliates. 

Affiliate Marketing Forums: Best Practice

If you’re looking to make the most of any community you step into, online or not, it is worth your time to lurke a bit before you start posting. You should make your first post in the introduction thread which more of the affiliate marketing forums offer for just that reason, but at first focus on reading the posts written by prominent members and seeing what the vibe of the forum is.

Be respectful

Needless to mention, whether it is in face to face conversation or on a public messaging board, it doesn’t cost anything to be nice and present your issue in a constructive way. 

Stay active

Come back and check the forum daily for possible answers you’ve received, see if your username was mentioned in conversation and welcome new members to the forum. Give the same vibes you’ve received when you were a newbie marketer. 

Your profile

Take time and invest it in working on your profile, the same as you would do in any other social network should be done here, you want to engage users and appeal to them to write you and engage with you as much as possible. Add your profile picture and website and general interests, it also is worth your time to get a decent signature added to your posts, that way, even if you’re not answering on something specific for your business, just offering your 2 cents, then you still would get some clicks to your site as a result of the value you generated. 

Affiliate marketing forums comparison

The bottom line

Being professionally social is a must in order to grow professionally and learn the recent trends of affiliate marketing. The forums listed should be definitely on your radar, register with them today and start learning the ropes.

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