This article is a detailed guide to distinguishing a quality Popunder and a Popup Traffic. Let’s start with what pop traffic is. This is the term used for both popups and popunders. These are the visitors and traffic that comes to your site through the launch of pop-up ads.

There are many popup networks that offer ad placement services, they also provide popunder traffic services.

The website traffic source you use determines whether it is targeted traffic that is intended to identify and promote the service to people whose browsing patterns and Internet usage indicate that they may be interested in it, or it simply provides high exposure volume for all demographics.

Pop up, what is it?

You probably came across popup or pop-up ads using the Internet, even if you did not know what it is.

Popups are windows opened on a computer screen as a result of performing any operation, used to place advertising messages on the Internet. Pop-ups containing ads appear in the foreground or background. The latter is a more sophisticated method of distributing advertising messages that are unwanted for the user since it does not attract the user’s attention until the active window is closed, and makes it difficult to determine the source of the pop-up window. It is necessary to use this type of advertising with caution in order to interest the visitor, and not cause the opposite effect.

What is a popunder?

PopUnder is an ad format that is presented in the form of a pop-up banner, it automatically appears when you click on site, but that’s not all. When you click on the “close” popunder button, the advertising page opens in a new browser window.

A quality popunder traffic has undeniable advantages over other formats:

  1. The user is guaranteed to go to the advertiser’s website;
  2. Advertising does not spoil the design of the site;
  3. It is cheaper than other formats since payments are mainly made according to the PPI (Pay Per Impression) model. Please note that in this format, the number of impressions is equal to the number of clicks, since each user goes to the target site;
  4. Attracts a lot of traffic
  5. It is shown to a unique visitor only once a day, which does not waste money when the user repeatedly goes to the same site
  6. Wide audience coverage.

The difference between a popunder and a popup traffic

When you open a website page with a pop-up code, a window with advertiser information appears on top of it. The visitor, one way or another, must interact with the advertisement, at least for the purpose of closing it. But even a closing button can lead to the advertised product page (optional). This expresses the aggressiveness and obsession of a method that cannot be ignored.

A quality popunder traffic technology is less intrusive (at least, it does not interfere with browsing the site). Its essence lies in the fact that in the central part of the site page when it is loaded, a banner appears, which remains static when scrolling. Closing it leads to the activation of the advertiser’s page, but it imperceptibly lies under the pages of the site and remains unnoticed until the user closes the active window.

These differences are critical when choosing an ad format for a specific product.

Traffic sources that can generate popunder traffic

It is important to critically evaluate the type of traffic this will lead to if you plan on using pop-up offers to promote your services and drive quality traffic to your site.

It is important to make sure that pop advertising is beneficial because often a fee is charged for each click, bringing you a lot of traffic, which may not lead to a result in the acquisitions.

It’s important to do your research to find out which sites your ads will appear on and, if possible, select sites whose users are also interested in what you have to offer when you plan to work with a pop-up network or quality pop-up traffic source.

Quality popunder traffic sources

Choosing a quality pop-traffic source can be tricky. There are a number of criteria to look out for:

  1. Traffic volumes and top verticals.
  2. The ability to filter bot traffic and prevent fraudulent activities.
  3. Payment model and minimum deposit.
  4. Possible targeting options.

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Affiliate traffic sources

Affiliate traffic source is the platform through which users, subscribers, and potential customers go to your website, blog, or social media page. Every visit to your blog, website, or social media page can be traced back to its source. This origin is what we call a “traffic source”.

Affiliate traffic sources can be free or paid, depending solely on your desires as a marketing partner. When you fully understand what traffic sources are, what types are available, and which one you need to maximize your profits as an affiliate marketer, you will be able to shape and modify your Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing, and general monetization strategy!

How to make money with popunder traffic

Take advantage of different traffic sources

Whatever vertical you are currently in, go out and launch your campaign in about five new geographies over the next two days.

Create a test, run traffic to every campaign and check which one does the best to make money with pop ads. It would help you to make your traffic more quality.

Look for a lucrative offer

You should have at least two campaigns launching regularly. The more you could launch, the quicker you’ll understand what’s working and what’s not. 

Choose the best traffic source for your offer

For instance, a campaign does poorly on one source but offers a 100% return on investment on another source. That does not indicate the first source was bad. Instead, it was not the ideal fit for the campaign. Not every source make money with pop ads.

Improve your targeting

You can target by either mobile or Wi-Fi carrier. Even certain mobile carriers could be targeted. But keep in mind that you can also target through Blacklisting ISPs at the campaign level.

Streamline the campaign

Different strategies have their pros and cons. Do your duty and research if you like to have a better understanding of every marketing strategy for a quality popunder traffic. Only then can you pick one or combine which best works for you.

Which of these methods on how to advertise with pop traffic would you plan to do today? Start your pop ads campaign today with EZMob!

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