What is significant about Popups?

Popup ads have been in existence together with the rise of the internet. They are considered one of the very first marketing strategies employed to increase a website’s traffic and advertise a brand’s products and services.

For the most part, as its name suggests, popup ads suddenly appear on your screen and usually redirect you to another tab. Herein one will see messages from the brand about promos and deals being offered by the business.

For the longest time, popup ads have been considered obtrusive by users. They would even reach a point where they use pop-up blocker tools just for them to go over with peaceful internet surfing.

Even though popup ads receive flak from many people, it remains one of the most effective marketing tools. And it is not facing its demise any time soon. So we can just ignore them for a while, but we cannot disregard them for long.

Advertisers and brands have found a goldmine in using popup ads. Here are some notable benefits that one can get from it.

Popup ads: Increased Brand Awareness
Brands’ goal is to be on top of everyone’s mind and ahead of their competitor. They can only achieve this if their brand amasses awareness and visibility online. Hence, brands are using popup ads for them to get the attention of their visitors. Popup ads are considered as freestanding ads that website visitors cannot ignore visually.

Popup ads: Increased Traffic Conversion Rate
Advertisements are there to be consumed by visitors. But more than anything else, Popup ads generate traffic conversion rate into sales.

It can only happen if a pop-up ad is positioned strategically on the website and the right timing. Moreover, it also helps that ads present a compelling call to action so as to maximize conversion.

popup ads can be achieved by properly researching the consumers’ behavior patterns and the pains that they have that your products and services can address.

Popup ads: Solicit Customer Feedback
One free-market research done by popup ad networks that marketers can use and is valuable is customer feedback. After all, they are the ones who are on the frontline who have used and can be targeted with a website’s products and services.

By positioning Popup ads soliciting customer feedback on the site, you are providing a haven for your visitors to inquire or comment regarding what you offer.

It can also be used as an avenue for your customers to voice what they think about your products and services and your company in general.

Popup ads: Versatility
The messaging that can be incorporated into your popup ads are varied.

It depends on how you would like to reach your customers and address them through the messages that go with your ads.

Content is, definitely, the king as usual. To some extent, brands even use videos or games within their ad.

It hits two birds with one stone by increasing the turnout of your visitors and elevating your brand’s credibility in the online sphere.

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