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Pop and popunder advertising is a great advertising tool for marketers looking for impactful engagement of users, unlimited inventory and global reach, and a relatively low cost per 1000 impressions or CPM when compared to other traditional types of advertising sources.

Finding the best popunder traffic advertising sources might be tricky and in this article, you will find information that will help you get more out of your budget when launching your next self-serve advertising campaign.

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What makes EZmob the best traffic source?

So, let’s start with some basic terms of what makes the best pop traffic sources do popunder traffic advertising.

Firstly, communication is vital for any campaign; even when running on a self-serve advertising platform, you should still expect guidance from the support team. You should also look to see if there is a knowledge base available to answer any questions you might have on your spending advertising campaigns.

The next thing to check is what traffic sources that self-serve advertising platform is funneling traffic from, whether it is from direct traffic sources or direct online publishers, or other SSPs can make a difference, still online inventory can be bought and sold between advertising networks but wherever you decide to buy your online media should monitor any traffic that is being mediated through its ad servers.


Best Pop Traffic Sources: Main Features

The next step would be to set up a campaign and check out what advertising features are offered. To make most pop campaigns convert, you should make sure you have access to target users according to their

  1. Operating System – preferably targeting by operating system versions should also be available for app developers promoting apps or agencies promoting certain APK games or utility apps – targeting according to the operating system is critical.
  2. Carrier-targeting – most mobile content advertising campaigns require you to target according to a specific carrier to get your campaign conversions approved.
  3. Location targeting – as a default, you should expect and get country targeting for your mobile campaigns; most networks offer state, city, zip code, and GPS coordinate geo-fence on top.
  4. IP targeting – Advertisers can use IP targeting to target specific audiences or blacklist certain traffic sources.
  5. Browser targeting – certain products will work great on specific browsers. Still, today there are many browsers available and built for privacy, reducing tracking capabilities and removing conversions you’ve generated from being applied to your traffic.

You may find many other targeting features across different platforms; the above is only the minimal features you require to run a successful online advertising campaign with mobile ad formats


Optimizing Pop Traffic Sources

Once your campaign is set up, fund your account and check your traffic reports as soon as it goes live, don’t rush to eliminate traffic sources that are not proven converting for you, let each publisher subID or sub-source of traffic provide you with enough traffic for it to convert, while some products may see 3% conversion rate but other will convert for 0.3% but pay you 30x per conversion, reducing traffic sources that are delivering but not yet converting may damage your future scale.

Start by bidding low across publishers and try to get a decent amount of traffic from each, decent meaning twice the amount you’re willing to spend per conversion, while that sounds like a weird notion the logic is simple.

Optimizing your best pop traffic sources immediately will eliminate any opportunities they may hold in the future. Even if a specific traffic source finally converts after it’s reached your double-then-what-I-receive for its goal, it is recommended to then duplicate a specific campaign with a higher bid for that traffic source, eliminating any non-converting impressions based on countries, operating systems, and anything available in your reports.

Doing so will now gain you a much better conversion rate, better profitability on your campaign, and the ability to bid higher and scale the number of impressions you buy from that specific publisher.

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The bottom line

EZmob is a leading popunder traffic advertising agency with over 3B daily ad requests generated by our direct publishers and pop traffic sources.

We engage users with popunder ads across various verticals such as gaming, gambling, financial products, mobile content, Nutra, cryptocurrency, and many more.

Our marketing managers can get you started promoting a conversion-generating campaign today. Register a self-serve advertiser account here.

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