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How to Buy Pop Traffic

Popup or popup ads are very straight-forward to set up and start running traffic. Understanding how to buy pop traffic starts after the traffic has started to flow. Nevertheless, setting up a campaign properly is vital to be able to optimize it later on. In this post, we’ll go over the steps to take to set up a pop or popunder campaign on EZmob’s Self-Serve dashboard.

Firstly, you’re going to need an advertiser account on EZmob’s platform, register through this link.

You can fund your account later, here’s a quick walkthrough on how to easily fund your advertiser account.

Step 1: Get familiar with the product

Before we start to learn how to buy pop traffic or to start setting up any campaign, make sure you’ve got a good hold on the following advertising details

  • The product
    1. Which product are you promoting?
    2. If it’s an app, how big is it? perhaps targeting carrier traffic for a 200MB app won’t prove effective.
    3. What is the usual conversion rate you see with other traffic sources?
    4. How much is a conversion worth to you?
    5. How much are you willing to risk before you see the first conversion
    6. Which creatives do you have on hand to promote the product? Landing pages, Banners, Interstitials, and other types of creative formats should be available if you’re the product owner or can be supplied by your clients.
      EZmob provides creative services for premium clients.
    7. What kind of restrictions in terms of traffic is requested by your client?
    8. What kind of tracking do you plan to use to monitor your conversions? We strongly recommend integrating pixel tracking into any campaign in order to optimize it. Read more about our recommended tracking partners with product reviews.

Answering the above questions should prepare you for a swift campaign setup process.

Before we head over to the campaign management interface, let’s take an example app we’d like to market, and set it up to go live.

Again, no matter what you plan to promote and where (Google Ads included), you must know, as a minimum, the below items, here’s an example of a CPL (cost-per-lead) campaign available at the time with the relevant payouts.:

  1. App: TiltWin Casino CPL
  2. Payout: $1.1 per lead
  3. Targeting: iOS UK, ES, and DE
  4. Budget: I’m willing to risk $500 to check how this app converts.
  5. Restrictions: No adult sites, no keyword brand bidding.
  6. KPIs: in this case, the KPI or Key-Performance-Indicator is that users must register a lead, a pretty standard requirement.
  7. Creatives: We will be directing traffic to a tracking link directly, no landing page is involved in this example, although I recommend you take the time and build landing pages or funnels in case you find the original tracking link unsatisfactory.

Read more about setting converting affiliate offers.

OK. Now It’s time to buy pop traffic by setting up our pop campaign.

Now that you’ve started to learn about how to buy pop traffic, Read all about how to set up a pop campaign in step 2, how to set up a pop campaign.

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