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How to monetize push notification users

Push notifications ads are becoming the highest demanded inventory for advertisers in various verticals due to the level of engagement received from loyal push users, effective advertisers are able to engage push users with enticing ad creatives including a big banner image (360px over 240px), a square image (350x350px) and a long title and description text which clearly promotes their message. Advertisers also bid mostly on CPC guaranteeing engagement and performance for their ad revenues.

Publishers monetizing their websites and apps are also catching on, and currently, as it seems, are well behind advertisers’ demand. Publishers eCPM rates for push notification users are higher than the industry average for banner and pop ad placements. The demand from online advertisers is currently high mainly in T1 countries, so bids might be lower, but overall fill rates of push notification users are high worldwide

How do I integrate push notification monetization on my website?

Publishers looking for alternate ways to monetize their website may find push notification as an easy way to earn more on their current inventory. Push notifications ads do not take any ‘real-estate’ from your website, no pixels are ‘shoved down’ or spared due to push taking its position. Push notification ads are integrated with a simple tag and .js service workers that engages users with a small pop asking them for their opt-in to receive ads. Once a user is attributed to a single publisher account and placement, the publisher may choose to earn a lifetime revenue on ad revenue generated by that user or earn a one-time ‘conversion’ rate for that user’s opt-in.

Integration of push notification ad units is similar to how you would integrate a popunder ad unit, simply add a js code as below to the head of your website to make sure users can opt-in across your website and then add a service worker file that communicates with the browser and triggers the push notification allow box.

Publishers may also choose to redirect users to pre-made allow collection funnels which may provide a separate identity to publishers website and a higher conversion rate from visit to opt-in.

What do push notification ads look like?

push notification demo

What type websites work best with push monetization?

Obviously any website with real traffic can generate push opt-in users, anything publishers publish on their website may get clicked at one point or another, but some websites may convert their visitors to push opt-in users than others. The key thing to note is not necessarily the website vertical whether it may be a social/news/gossip/torrent push monetization sites and anything in between, the critical issue is how a user is engaged primarily with the opt-in box and the immediate effect the wrong type of ad delivery may introduce. You should monetize push users without engaging them too much. When done right, users may be invited to opt-in through a double opt-in form limiting their amount of ads per day, guaranteeing premium push advertiser demand, and perhaps incentivizing the users with additional content on site. Publishers who will be creative enough with how they engage users with the first allow-box will generate more opt-in and potential revenue on-going via push notification advertising.

What type of ads will push users receive?

A wide range of verticals works best through push notification delivery, mainstream campaigns may include gaming, finance, entertainment, e-commerce, lead generate and more. Users may receive push notifications with a 360x240px banner in addition to a title and description text, or a plain text based push with a square icon image.

Publishers may find monetization of users impactful to their site stature if done incorrectly or too aggressively, EZmob, specifically, invests in making sure of firstly providing clean ads that are clearly branded and follow strict ad content guidelines, in addition to that our algorithm over a certain event flow will even hold back ads from certain users due to their metrics which may include click-thru-rate, conversion rate, viewability and more, over time our algorithm will learn to serve the highest paying ad continuously thus increasing publisher eCPM and revenue, thus effectively enabling you to monetize push users.

Each one of our ads is manually approved and monitored with 3rd party services to block ad fraud and malware to keep our publishers with high-value advertiser demand.

Where do I start monetizing my website with push?

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