Learn how to fight advertising bots

What can you do to fight advertising bots?

We are optimistic to set up our campaign as we carefully target and choose our promising audience. We impatiently wait for the said results and feeling excited as we look at the stats. However, nothing comes of it. There are no conversions, no profits, and big fat nothing. But what just happened? It might have hidden the ads. It might because of the receiver, which not makes to match the target, the number may have altered by Google’s bots or crawlers of traffic source or worst you have hit by the Ad Fraud. Learn how to fight advertising bots with this article by EZmob.

What is Ad Fraud?

“Ad Fraud is any deliberate activity that prevents the proper delivery of ads to the right people, at the right time, in the right place, aiming to generate revenue.”

Also, in the industry of ad-tech, Ad Fraud is the biggest issue..

In Juniper research, it shows that every single day the advertisers waste to give $51 M Ad Fraud, and every year, this kind of figure may reach billions.

Most cases are associated with a bot traffic. Web traffic has 52% of bots account, which can affect your performance and leading the time, effort, and even the money to waste. However, you must also be aware that there are fraudsters who used various techniques in burning the payouts and budgets.

Invalid traffic will significantly affect the optimization process, and you will struggle in understanding the effectiveness of your efforts in advertising.

In order to deal with fraud you must find a industry-standard fraud monitoring system, some of the familiar names include FraudScore, PerimeterX and various other services. These services can analyze millions of ad clicks and a further look at the anomalies in the statistical patterns. After the analysis, this will give you comprehensive reports of results with the performance metrics. Furthermore, this anti-fraud service can empower you to have the right fraud reports and to procedures for charging the fraudulent publishers.

Anti-fraud features to fight advertising bots

Anti – Fraud Metrics

This tool carefully analyzes your visits, conversions, and clicks to be fraud-free. Also, it has predefined metrics to help you in evaluating your different traffic characteristics.

These are some of the predefined metrics:

  • A metric for unsupported OS or agent for an unrecognized user
  • Referrer reputation is based on different website scanners, antivirus engines, and tools.
  • A metric for the IP address’s origin, so you will know if its data center is verified and known.
  • Frequency metric when clicking a campaign with an individual IP address

Time-to-Convert Metrics

This tool is made for people who are using mobile apps. It has a short time of conversion to identify occurring anomalies immediately.

This is the information that the Time-to-Convert Metrics can do:

  • Mean Time-To-Convert
  • Time-To-Convert ranges

Traffic Log

This tool analyzes the data granularity at the highest levels. Its feature allows you to have raw data that occurred in every visit of your campaign. It has a CSV file combined with different kinds of data such as ISP, IP, Client Domain, OS Version, Visit Timestamp, User-Agent, Device ID, Browser version, and 20 more.

IP / UA Filtering

This tool can block multiple conversions of fraudsters in the same IP. Also, in certain IP addresses, it can help you to filter the unwanted traffic and block some names of a user agent.

Save your time, effort, and cost as you will say goodbye to the bot traffic with the help of any fraud monitoring system.

We hope you learn a bit more about how to fight advertising bots, make sure to read more in our blog.

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