CPA Marketing

If you are into affiliate marketing works, it is then likely that you have heard or come across CPA. What is CPA really all about?

Cost Per Action or CPA Marketing is an affiliated model wherein a certain commission will be given the moment a user takes action. This action might be getting a quote, filling out forms, signing up for the trial, and of course making a purchase.

Getting paid even without making a sale can actually make CPA networks ultimately attractive to “make money online” crowds and this can also potentially leave lots of room that can be exploited.

This simply means that the CPA networks can usually be a bit stricter as compared to your usual affiliate network when allowing individuals to their network.

When some individuals heard that the CPA network is stricter, they usually get really scared off. This should not be your case and as much as possible, do not let this happen because truth is, they want you involved. It’s really the spammers and scammers in this world who will attempt and then weed out.

Methods of CPA Marketing or Promotion

There are many different ways of promoting CPA campaigns. Some involve having their website, while others don’t. The truth is CPA marketing isn’t that much different than other types of marketing.

In its most basic form, you need to consider the promoted product, and you will find a market interested in learning about or purchasing more products.

That being said, the following are popular methods of CPA marketing and promotion that you might come across with:

Sales or Landing Page – This site is generally more direct deals and sales pages and will probably present more product data that it examines or discusses. It will ordinarily be a complicated deal and work to get its readers or visitors to either navigate or click through the merchants there or, at the very least, join the website owner’s mailing list few sales pages will attempt to do both of these things; however, having only one direct path through a landing page can frequently be valuable. Keep in mind that numerous options could mean losing those clicks.

Review Website – Generally, these sites contain three or more items or products within a specific niche. They will eventually give you a concise introduction, a review of the item or product’s performance, and generally a star rating out of five. Every product will usually be ranked in proper order, and all these will contain links directly to merchants or a personalized landing page.

Splash Page – This is commonly content-light and has flashy designs with punchy features, headlines, and copy to motivate readers to enter their details and click through and through merchants. Information about the product is typically minimal, and these pages are frequently saved for items that need little clarification or are famous already.

Quiz or Fun Landing Page – Similar to the splash page, yet much more straightforward. Primarily, there will be an inquiry with at least two answers that could then be clicked through the vast and oppressive buttons. In some cases, certain types of games might be utilized on a page of such style, and it is unquestionably not the sort of page that somebody will return to. Its sole purpose is getting click-through and getting it now.

After learning all this information, you will know that having the right CPA offer or marketing can pave the way for higher conversion rates.


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