What is missing from your ads push notification?

Not so long ago, various advertising formats were launched that fit certain types of advertisers who can’t get what they need from Google or Facebook, such as pops, push notification ads, and interstitials. A new entry should be on your radar – iOS Calendar Push Ads.

Read on to understand what Calendar Push Advertising is and how it can help your campaigns.

What are iOS Calendar Push Ads

iOS Calendar Push Ads are basically a push notification that is generated thru the client’s calendar app, making it very effective and engaging since users are not yet accustomed to received ads in this specific way. Users opt-in to the public calendar and then receive text-based ads delivered through a push ad, which upon click, will be redirected to the advertiser’s landing page or app.

So, why use iOS Calendar Push Ads?

Reason #1. Effectiveness

Similar to push notification ads which have been proven effective, Calendar Push Ads are also known to generate high engagement and conversion fr

Reason #2. Early supply

With most good things, it’s preferred to get in early with iOS Calendar Push publishers and secure your supply.

Reason #3. CPC based bids

Pay for actual clicks received by your website and not impressions.

Reason #4. It helps increase your conversion

Having the calendar app fits perfectly with some types of offers such as utilities, SOI, dating, and more. Utilize the fact that the notification appears as a calendar notification for maximal engagement.

Bottom Line

iOS Calendar Push Ads are on fire so make sure you get in early while bids are relatively low. Check how much inventory we have for calendar push here.

If you are planning to start using calendar ads for your marketing campaign, read more on how we can help you set up your next campaign today, or Get in touch to find out more!


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