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What are search box ads?

Monetizing search ads means adding monetization layer to your website in addition to the usual banner ads and native ads. In today’s monetization landscape, each pixel counts and sets a precise balance between pleasing your website visitors and making as much as you can from each visit.

A great solution that is precisely within those bounds is search box ads. 

Search box ads are essentially a search box input box that can be added anywhere on the site; once the user searches for anything, the results given would be of a premium search feeds such as Bing or Yahoo; there are many advantages to this ad format, and we’ll discuss them all in this article. 

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Why Monetize Your Website With Search Ads?

Monetizing your website with search box ads is suitable for several reasons; it depends on the publisher’s scale and niche; here’s are a few reasons:

    1. Publishers that don’t use search within their website can integrate the search box ad format and instantly start earning from users who do look for that functionality in their website. 
    2. Publishers who operate a search box on their websites can still use the search box ad format; it can be configured to open in a new tab while the in-site results appear on the same tab the user is browsing on. 
    3. The search box ad format is straightforward to integrate; it’s only a couple of lines of codes you can add anywhere on your website (header, footer, and everywhere in between)
    4. The search box ad format is highly customizable, with the publisher can completely adapt the ad format to its website’s brand colors, border size, and more. 
    5. Search ads generate high CPC and can be paid weekly with qualified EZmob publishers. 
    6. The search box ad unit is an additional monetization layer that any publisher can use to earn more on existing traffic sources.

Search Box Ads: Advantages

The best demand partners in search

Other than Google, many search engines are looking for relevant users. Bing and Yahoo start the list, but many other contextual services are available as demand partners for EZmob’s publisher base. 

Dependability is an essential trait in the marketing world, and reputation is also high on that list. Dealing with search means you work with the most dependable marketing firms in the world.

High CPCs

Search ad box publishers gain access to competitive partners with relevancy needs, for that partners are willing to bid high. 

Easy integration

The search box ad unit can be integrated virtually anywhere on your website; all it takes is copy-pasting the ad unit code within an HTML component on your WordPress site. No complex pixel tracking platforms and codes are needed. 

monetize search

Premium ads

Your website’s credibility is often determined by the ads you are willing to display. Promoting the wrong product across your niche website can be a bad decision.

Having pop ads integrated on a premium news site would mean fewer returning visitors. 

With search ads, you can expect to promote only mainstream brand-safe advertisers no matter what the user searches.

How Can I Start Monetizing My Website with Search Ads?

A few requirements are necessary to become an EZmob search publisher, such as having a minimum visitor count of at least 10k and having natural organic and bought inventory of high quality. 

Once that’s determined, publishers can follow the next steps to start monetizing with search box ads: 

    1. Register a publisher account
    2. Add Pop Placement
    3. Click on the pop placement and get the feed ID and Auth Key (see in the image below)
    4. Edit the below script with your pop feed ID and Auth key
    5. Paste the code on your website on an available spot above the fold
    6. Check back in a couple of hours and view the reports
monetize search
monetize search

What is the minimum payout for search publishers

Publishers who qualify with sufficient and scalable inventory may opt to receive weekly payments and other added benefits such as bonuses and a high revenue share amount. 

The minimum payout amount is $500, payable via Paxum, PayPal, Capitalist, or Wire transfer.

What are some alternatives to search box ads?

If you prefer to keep your existing search box and are looking for other monetization paths, EZmob can support your needs with a few effective ad formats, check out the table below:


Ad FormatMin. BidMainstream / AdultIntegration TypeDemand
Search Box Ads$0.05 CPCMainstreamEasySearch engines
Pop Ads$0.20 CPMBothEasyEZmob Advertisers and pop networks
Push Ads$0.0005 CPCBothMediumEZmob Advertisers and push networks
Display Ads$0.20 CPMBothMediumEZmob Advertisers and programmatic exchange

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