What is to love about banner ads?

Visual appeal, location, and relevance are three crucial factors to ensure that an advertisement can take a piece of the cake toward success. Visual appeal ensures that the attention of the people is caught. Location maximizes the exposure of an ad. And the relevance of the messaging warrants your target audience’s response. No wonder digital advertising has been on the rise in our generation of the deluge of information. Both the targeting capabilities, as well as the visual impact of digital advertising present numerous advantages for businesses.

Display ads come in the form of graphics that appear on webpages while one is surfing the net. Most of the time, display ads are also called banner ads. But do not be deceived by its terminology. While it is called that way, it does not always appear as a banner. It also comes in the form of a rectangle or square. It can be found on a website’s top, middle, or both sides.

Now let us look into the unique benefits that brands can get from display ads.

Display Ads: Visual Appeal

Since display ads are graphic content, they can be styled and designed aesthetically, which will surely catch users’ attention. As website visitors, we can attest that we would instead look into graphics rather than read the texts of an ad. Display ads can also be audio, video, and graphics. It makes your ad stand out from the numerous ads that are competing with yours.

Display Ads: Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can only be achieved through display advertising networks when users consume the message of your ad without too much effort. So instead of giving them a hard time reading through a lengthy text, why not spoon-feed them with information that would not entail too much information to consume, such as graphics or videos? It will be more acceptable for them to tolerate it because all they have to do is watch and listen.

Display Ads: Effective Targeting

You, as an advertiser, cannot just target all people. It would be a waste of time and resources to do that. Instead, specific targeting is required to filter the audience that only qualifies for your display ads—setting specific parameters such as geographic area, demographic, and niche market.

Such practice will trim down the search toward those likely to be converted to sales in the funnel. And it will save you more time and money because you are only spending it on a specific target that can be an excellent fit for your display ads.

Also, the technology for display advertising is probably the most advanced targeting technology available today when compared with niche ad formats such as popunder and push notification ads. Header bidding enables publishers to create innovative auctions that involve several advertisers for maximal yield. 

Display Ads: Brand Visibility

Even though display ads must only cater to specific audiences, they can still reach other people that may need your products and services in the future. Regardless of who they are, they can always be a rich source of traffic your website needs to boost brand visibility.

After all, all brands are aiming to position themselves in the limelight and take over their competitors in the long run.


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