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Popunder Ads: The Starter Guide

A Popunder ad is a kind of full-screen window opening at the back of the browser window of a site. Contrary to the famous popups opening over the browser window, this is less conspicuous. A popunder ad is located at the back of the windows, which makes popunder ads a very efficient tools for media buyers.

For instance, when you visit a site with this type of ad, the Popunder will show up in a new browser window hidden under the existing browser of the user. You will notice the pop-under ad when you close your existing browser. This type of ad makes them less intrusive and much acceptable to users. On top of that, it will not take visitors away from the site of the publisher.

One of the best things about the Popunder network is that it offers advertisers an excellent chance to market their products and services while offering the users enough product details. It also offers advertisers with no creatives to utilize any landing page in their site as a Popunder site.

This is the main reason why Popunders are widely utilized for marketing on the web.

What Can a Popunder Advertisement Improve?

If you are thinking about what this type of advertisement can boost, check some of them below:

  • It can boost Alexa ranking
  • It can improve Popunder views
  • It can boost website pageviews
  • It can maximize advertising revenue
  • It can improve brand awareness
  • It can boost app downloads
  • It can drive online purchases
  • It can produce sign-ups and leads

What Are The Campaign Targeting Options for Popunder Ads?

  • Carrier Targeting – Popunder ads can easily target audience through particular carriers and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Device Targeting – Popunder ads can target desktop, tablet, and mobile devices through operating systems.
  • Domain Targeting – Popunder ads can get traffic from targeted domain names and sources only.
  • Geo-Targeting – Popunder ads can get visitors from particular nations, cities, and states or DMA regions.
  • Supply Targeting – Popunder ads can run your campaigns on in-app or web inventory types
  • Browser Targeting – Popunder ads can help you get visitors from particular browsers or create an exclusion list.
  • Category Targeting – Popunders will help you target your service or product for particular topics or industries.
  • App Targeting – You can create a whitelist and get visitors from targeted apps only.
  • and much more.

So How Does Popunder Network Work?

Popunder advertising has demonstrated itself as an efficient marketing platform after its TV advertisement way back in 1941. Advertisers were able to gain interest in the market given that more and more viewers watch viral clips, internet shows, music popunders, and TV programs on the internet.

Today, online publishers are embracing efficient advertising strategies perceived on TV and creating new advertising arrangements, which produce user interest and boost advertising revenue. Popunder ads are monitored and served by a Popunder server like EZMob.

Remember that popunder ads are the money generators and much like to converting if you utilize them correctly and adequately.

So what are you waiting for today? Make sure you get in touch with us today to purchase cheap popunder ads from EZMob.

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